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Air Gear

The STORY of Air Gear was one I really liked.  I easily enjoyed this series and thought that the Air Trek plot with the different gangs was a lot of fun.  This is probably more of an anime that is going to rely on the characters rather than the plotline.  Even though I don't normally like this kind of anime, I think that the plot was strong enough that both enhanced each other.

The ANIMATION, while not astounding, wasn't particularly bad either.  I wasn't too impressed but I did find a lot of the character designs to be fun and even unique, sometimes.  This isn't an anime I would recommend over animation however, because it's strong enough that it doesn't need to rely on this aspect.

The SOUND was fun, more than anything.  I thought that during their Air Trek battles the background noise was always really cool and I really, really, really loved the OP.  This was one of those few anime where I actually watched the OP because I enjoyed it so much.  Also, I watched this in English dub and was actually quite impressed with the voice acting.  There were a few characters whose voices just didn't seem to click, but those were few.

I loved the CHARACTERS in Air Gear.  I think they made the anime so much more fun.  They all had such interesting relationships and, while the character development wasn't all that impressive, there was enough to tide me over.  Mostly, it was their relationships with each other that made it so much fun.

My PERSONAL ENJOYMENT for this series was pretty high.  I watched it all in one sitting and was glad I did.  I would re-watch this series anytime and it actually made me like English voice actors a bit more.

OVERALL, I would highly recommend this anime.  Of my friends who have also watched it, it has been the same reaction I have given - that it's a fun anime to watch.  There's not much romance and nothing too deep (at least, not in the series - I haven't seen the OVAs), but it's fun and a good anime to just kick back and enjoy.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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