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Fruits Basket

The STORY of Fruits Basket is a cliched slice-of-life with an interesting Zodiac twist, which I quite enjoyed.  While, in my humble opinion, the manga is far superior to the anime, the anime presented itself in a decent 26 episode way that would make me give the story a hard  rating.  But, in Fruits Basket, it's not the story that keeps the viewer reeled in.

For me, the ANIMATION didn't do much.  I like that it reminds me of older anime and it does look different (2011 anime, to me, is beginning to all look the same because they're all using the same graphics).  Furuba doesn't have that "sameness" to it - not even for the year it was made.  I appreciate the fact that I can look at a character and know what anime they're from, not have to scrounge around in my head because there's 20,000 characters who look exactly like them.  That being said, I wasn't overly impressed with the anime style.  At the risk of sounding hypocritical, it did still seem a bit too cartoon-y.

The SOUND was wonderful. I remember singing the OP in the shower all the time through High School (although I wasn't a fan of the ending song).  It was one of the few animes that I watched dubbed, and, while I wasn't all that impressed, I wasn't turned off either.  I especially remember liking Hiro and Kagura's voices.

I said earlier that it's not the story that keeps the viewer entertained, it's the CHARACTERS.  Yes, Furuba does have a plot, but that falls to the side to make room for the insane amount of characters and all of their interpersonal relationships.  For me, I found all of the characters incredible lovable.  I especially loved the Mabudachi Trio (and I felt they saved the anime, in a way, because their relationship was so interesting) and Momiji.

OVERALL, Furuba is an anime I would tell anyone to watch at least once.  Keep an open mind about it and try to appreciate all of the differing characters and personalities and how they mix or click or clash - I think that's part of what made the anime so interesting and entertaining.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
7/10 overall
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jypsyjulia says...

You clearly didn't read my review.

Apr 26, 2012
crypticdarkness says...

you have to take in account the anime was made before the manga was finished so it would be differant in it's own way. Also this being released in 2001 it was unique the details and that it was one of the very few hand drawn anime's left. yes modern anime look all the same now because it's all done on the computer.  Anime essential is a type of animation which is a type of cartoon what do you expect it too look like the CG shit they have now. also you should elaborate more in your reviews not be so brief and skimming over things.

Apr 17, 2012