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I was mostly impressed with the STORY of the anime, and even then, I wasn't that impressed!  While it did try to twist the plotline, it ended up feeling forced and fake and was fairly predictable after episode 4.  Needless to say, this was an anime I had to grit my teeth and bare and try my best not to google other things while it was on and focus.

This anime deals with a boy who has multiple personality disorder (or DID, if you want to be politically correct).  He literally changes shape and appearance through each personality and people don't seem to ever connect the dots that it's the same person.  When it is revealed that this boy is all of the main characters, it feels plain stupid because the viewer (me) is confused as hell to how that could even be possible.

Oh and there was some weird alternate universe where there's a princess or shit that DID NOT MAKE SENSE and only served to make an already confusing storyline even more confusing.  That's about all I can say on the matter.  I am so confused that I literally can't even tell you what this story was about.  I don't even think I ever figured it out.

The ANIMATION felt like any other old visual game turned anime.  I feel like I am seeing so many of these look-a-like animes that soon I am going to get them confused in my head.  I'm not kidding.  Watch this anime and see if you can tell the girls apart.  I'm not saying the animation wasn't beautiful in it's own right -- that right just happens to be the same as every damn anime coming out lately.

The SOUND was nothing special - I didn't particularly noticed the seiyuu's being wonderful or horrible and the OP was tolerable.  However, with all of the fantasy sequences, they could have done so much more with it.  There could have been some lilting ethereal music to add to each scene, but instead it felt bland and forced and lame.

The CHARACTERS were hardly lovable and very cliched.  I think the ending saved a few of the characters for me so I upped them from a 2 to a 4 in rating.  However, this anime was lacking in nearly everything.  The main characters development was forced and fast and just didn't feel like it even happened.  And it was confusing as hell considering the main character is like 37893074213 different people.  I can't even properly place a rating on characters because who the heck was anyone?

All in all, I would never recommend this anime to anyone.  The panty shots were enough to make me want to vomit in a shoe, as well as that wannabe sex scene.  I wasn't shocked considering it was a hentai vide game (actually, I was more shocked that there wasn't MORE sex).  Why couldn't it have been a real sex scene?  Why did it have to be all whited out and ridiculous?  Censorship is lame. Also, I couldn't figure out if they panty scenes were meant to be ironic or not.  All in all, this is not an anime for me.  You may enjoy it, I don't know.  I'm not a fan of a vague plot with a character who is 32748923421 different people and one stupid-ass sex scene.

6/10 story
3/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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