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I am beginning to get sick of animes that look exactly the same, and H20: Footprints in the Sand is no exception. In many ways, this anime reminded me more of the video game than an actual anime, which is a bad thing - animes should remind you of animes.  Yes, the effects are beautiful but when characters begin to look like characters from other animes over and over and over, it can become very taxing.

The story itself was not only confusing, but left quite a few plotholes.  For example, the main character himself goes through a time of being blind, to getting his eyesight, and then to becoming blind again.  This is not only confusing, but also lacks the proper response.  When he attained his eyesight, there was no reaction from his classmates.  Even if it was in his head (if that's the case), then shouldn't a reaction have been in his head as well?  Another issue was Hinata actually being Hotaru.  Why was she so accepted immediately when the anime had built up to a huge dissension occuring if she decided to come clean about her identity?  Talk about anticlimatic.

This anime only had 12 episodes and still found a way to make some of the episodes pure filler and worthless.  This anime is suppose to have a psychological aspect to it, and while it does portray that with the main characters eye sight and then his regression into being a child again, it lacks the development which made it so confusing.  If it had used all 12 episodes to develop the psychological aspect, then this anime could have had a much stronger effect.

There's not much I can say about the characters.  The main three characters - Takuma, Hayami and Hinata/Hotaru - lack a proper relationship.  The friendship betwee Hinata/Hotaru and Hayami is patched too quickly, the romance between Hayami and Takuma seems forced and out of place.  And there are no side characters to save the main characters flaws as well.

If you want something pretty and you're in the mood for harem, then maybe I would recommend H20: Footprints in the Sand to you.  And maybe you would even like it, up until episode 7.  However, don't prepare yourself for anything substantial.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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jypsyjulia Feb 19, 2013

flaze: I was enjoying myself up until around episode 6, so I decided to be a bit merciful. ;)

flaze Jan 6, 2013

This is probably the most accurate review out of all for this anime. I'd give the anime a 2/10 though.

jypsyjulia Jun 20, 2012

Thanks for the comment, Raisehe11!

I watched this so long ago that I'm not even sure which was the real or fake ending, ha!  I just remember being sorely disappointed. :/

Thanks for reading my review. 

Raisehe11 Sep 2, 2011

You pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly. Although I do believe the ending, the real ending, helped redeem the show a little. Not enough for me to recommend it though.