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Attack on Titan

Sep 29, 2013

Guys, I don't know.  I almost didn't write a review for this anime because I am so biased.  To me, it was awesome.  Yes, I do acknowledge its flaws -pacing being a huge one - but when you are so in love with something, you kind of tend to turn a blind eye to the fact that you watched a 20 minute episode and didn't discover much, lol.

Moving on, in terms of story, I do have to argue a bit about the pacing.  The last episode, for example, got some smack because people feel like it didn't add much to the story, but guys.... guys, it did.  (Spoilers here!)  Erwin now has the power.  The Military Police has basically given him a go-card and he gets to call the shots.  That is huge news.  Annie is no longer in the Female Type Titan.  Levi magically helped Eren even though his leg was injured (I'm sorry, but there is something fishy about that unimpressed looking man), and we discovered the secret of the wall and we also discovered that the church already knew.  Yes, there are pacing problems, but I don't think there are nearly as many as people think there are because its subtle.  It's a weird paradox: you have this action-packed shounen anime with this almost-philosophical introspective aspect to it and that is not going to suit some people.  No worries, that's fine, but, in my personal opinion, I don't think there are nearly as many pacing problems as people say.

The biggest pacing problem, I think, is the Mikasa/Eren backstory.  I think the reason this happened and feels so out of place is because it hasn't even been explained in the manga yet, so they threw it in there.  I think there is a lot more to that story that will eventually come out, we just have to wait for it.  Probably if the manga were done, the anime would have been able to execute certain aspects much better.

All right, getting on with the review, I have to admit that I loved the sound.  I'm considering buying the soundtrack.  The OPs were okay, but it was the background music that really got me.  Those creepy techno sounds mixed with a steady bass beat were amazing and I felt like they were executed perfectly as well.

The animation was also my style.  I actually know quite a few people who didn't like the animation because of the thick lines, but I love those!  They give the anime an older feeling and instantly make me feel like I'm watching one of the classics from the 90s.  I also loved how each character had a different face.  I am so sick of seeing all of these characters that look exactly the same, but SnK didn't do that.  For the most part, they all looked as different as they could in anime.  Especially the noses.  The noses were awesome.

In general, I liked the characters.  I say in general because I absolutely hated Eren, ha.  He was really annoying, a typical shounen guy, someone who really didn't deserve the friends he had, etc.  I could have done with him actually dying and the show focusing more on Mikasa or Armin, actually. I've seen some people argue that Armin and Mikasa are a bit one dimensional... and I have to agree. Right now, they're in a place where they define themselves based on Eren.  I think that leaves a lot of room for growth, though.  

Some characters I loved were Levi and Jean, though.  Levi just because of his badassery and he kind of represents humanity's hope, and Jean because I think he represents the reality of humanity.  Levi is humanity's strongest fighter.  He is the hope of humanity and he also represents a lot of humanity's frustration with the government, the political system, the wall, etc.  Jean is the reality of humanity: he wanted to join the Military Police and live a peaceful life, but then, after seeing the reality of the titans, he joins the Survey Corps.  I think that's what people are like - always wanting to run away from the problem until they realize they have to fight it.  

My personal enjoyment was 23984593483250934905843059342%.  It can't be measured, man.

Overall, I'd say give it a go.  I really love this anime and it has become my number 2 anime of all time (right after Now and There, Here and Then).  If you really just aren't feeling it, don't push yourself.  And don't get caught up in the hype and feel like you have to watch it.  Do what you want to do.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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jypsyjulia Nov 3, 2013

Thanks, Kenny! :-)

Yeah, SOA was a great disappointment.  I thought the first season was heaps of fun, but it really declined in the second season.  Sigh.

kennyftw Nov 2, 2013

Yaay love the review Julia! It's not the best but it's still 8 times bettr then last years hype SOA -vomits-