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Samurai Champloo

Sep 13, 2013

The STORY of Samurai Champloo follows three very different main characters as they journey to find the man who smells of Sunflowers.  They each have their own quirks that serve to foil the other.  While traveling, they are constantly targeted by assassains and also end up getting themselves into trouble as well... with the promise of food for their services.  This anime is pretty episodic, but still manages to follow the original plotline without deviating too much.

The ANIMATION was quite nice!  It's not my style too much because I tend to dislike it when the characters have super skinny limbs, but I can still recognize that it was well-done.  I noticed that the scenery was great and the character designs were really unique.  That last part is the best because I never once got confused about who was who.  

The SOUND was basically flawless in my opinion.  The OP was awesome, the voice actors were awesome, the background music was awesome.  I was just really impressed by everything to do with the sound.  Other than Cowboy Bebop, I cannot think of another anime that incorporated excellent sound systems and awesome voice acting like this one did.  In general, I don't love dubbed anime, but I watched this dubbed and absolutely loved it.  I even tried switching to subbed for a bit and decided to flip back over to dubbed.

All right, so... CHARACTERS.  Eh, they just weren't my speed.  It was cool that they were all so different, but I was really bored by them.  Fuu was annoying, Mugen had basically no redeeming qualities and Jin was bland.  Seeing them interact together was nice, but that was it... it was just okay.  I don't know -- maybe other people loved these guys, but I could do without all of them.

My PERSONAL ENJOYMENT was pretty low for this one.  I don't know, guys.  This wasn't for me.  I didn't find the fighting scenes to be all that cool and, although the animation was nice, I just think it wasn't right for me.  Y'all, I have to be honest: I think I missed a lot in this anime because I was so bored.  I was wiki'ing the characters and I had totally forgotten Jin's backstory already.  C'est la vie.

But, I should mention that I loved the ending.  It saved a lot of the anime for me.

OVERALL, I would recommend Samurai Champloo.  Even though it wasn't exactly my favorite, I can tell that it was still a good anime.  A lot of my friends really like it and I do think the last three episodes were awesome, so if you want to, give it a try!

6/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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