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Kamisama Dolls

Feb 19, 2013

Huh... this was really disappointing for me.  

The STORY of Kamisama Dolls follows University student Kyouhei, who is trying to escape his past and the village he was born and raised in.  The most upsetting this about this anime is that the story had so much potential.  I mean, an immesurable amount.  This could have been epic.  It would have had to been a little longer and it would have had to focus much more on Kyouhei and Aki more, but it really could've been something.  These were the thougths I was having while watching -- needless to say, when you're thinking of how to improve an anime, it's not a good sign.

Also, the ending of this anime was ridiculous.  It was a clear set up for a season two, which means a majority -- I mean a majority -- of the questions raised in this season remain unanswered.  And someone PLEASE explain to me that cryptic ending with Aki?  Is he going to go bananas and kill everyone or did his little laughing fit with Kyouhei save his soul?  

The ANIMATION was pretty terrible!  I am a little surprised because this is a show that relied a lot on CGI effects and yet, somehow, they turned out awful.  It's not a good thing when you see a character and you don't recognize them from earlier episodes because everyone looks the same.  There is a character who "betrays" some of the others and I had forgotten who the heck he was.  

The SOUND was decent.  I had no problem with any of the seiyuu's performace, save Utau, who drove me a bit insane,  and I loved Aki's voice.  The OP was also pretty great.  Actually, I thought the OP was stellar.  The song took some getting used to, but once I was adjusted, I fell in love. And the graphics with the song are stellar as well!

The CHARACTERS are bland and forgettable.  I was so disappointed with the female lead that I wanted to give up.  I am so sick of these big boobed girls being the lead.  I understand that some people have a fascination with large breasts, but it ruined the tone of this anime.  In fact, so many of these character relationships ruined the tone of this anime.  Aki was probably the only notable character, and even he had a bit of a cliche going on sometimes.  The random (spoiler warning) twin brother made me want to throttle myself.  I was just so disappointed with how the writers decided to take this anime, characters included.  

OVERALL, skip this anime.  It's absolutely nothing special and you will gain nothing from watching it. You will lose some valuable time that could be spent watching a decent anime, though.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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