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I'm not really good at writing about myself, but I thought that I should put here some information just to let you know what I like and who I am. My name is Justyna I live in Poland in Cracow, most beautiful city in my country :) I'm 19 years old and first year student soon... I have a younger sister :) she's 4...


Started watching when I was in kindergarten... Yes, I remember getting up earlier every day just to watch Sailor Moon with my sleepy eyes over untouched bowl of cornflakes... Ahhh, memories... But that was only a fascination, didn't even know that it was called "anime"... I started watching anime for serious when I saw Vision of Escaflowne in TV and fell in love... it was 3 years ago, and since that time it's still my favourite anime...


Except anime... Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball and did I mention... volleyball? Yes it's my second love... I watch every match in TV and play this wonderful game with my friends, well maybe my height isn't really good for phenomenal playing (1.65 m)... but I really love doing it and I think, I'm not that bad ;) I also read tons of sci-fi books, I'm fascinated in magic, and yeah I believe in magic :) I'm also a movie freak :D I watch 3-4 films a week... btw. Legally Blonde rlz :p and Reese Witherspoon too ---> favourite actress.


I speak English, of course Polish, little German, started learning Spanish and Japanese, after that I plan to start learning Italian.

I love sunsets and mountains.

I like tennis... Rafael Nadal my love:D go for it! Always wanted to start playing tennis, but well... haven't got much time.

I hate Winter... but I love summer :) I don't like when it's cold and when I'm sick and in Winter it happens few times each year... I prefer staying in the sun, I'm really active so I like when the days are longer so I can stay longer outside :]

I love animals... especially dogs, well my parents didn't ever wanted to buy me any pet though, except hamsters and fish...

Started course for driver's license month ago... whooopie:D

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Animesgirl says...

Your Welcome. Hey you should try watching some of Naruto, or try watching Some of Gundam Seed Hehe.

Aug 20, 2007
Harbin says...

From what i saw on your list, a few possible recommendation will be Hidamari Sketch (pretty funny series, slice of life), Kaze no Stigma (a romance + action series, just like Zero and Shana), and just outta random, i would throw in Mahou Sensei Negima.  (Not to be mixed up with "Negima!!")

Aug 20, 2007
Harbin says...

Yo, welcome to the site.  I see escaflowne is ur top series, its one of mine too, tho you don't see it cuzz my profile requires some "major" reconstructions.  Anyway, welcome, and enjoy to site and hope you find other series u plan and enjoy and make new memories :D 

Aug 20, 2007
loverofanime says...

your welcome and thank you!

Aug 20, 2007
sothis says...

Just wanted to say welcome to A-P! ^_^

Aug 19, 2007