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I live in Guatemala city I love anime in all the expression, including the manga and the Japanese music, Jmusic, the first anime that i saw was the zodiac knigths and then i began to see all what comes to my hands, so see you watching some new anime

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sothis Dec 19, 2008

Oo, a manga reader! If you weren't aware, we now have a manga recommendation database up. Check out this thread when you get a chance - I'd love it if you could help us fill in the holes in the DB! :D (which are a lot, we only have about 200 manga up at the moment!)

wolfangel87 Jan 17, 2008

WOW!  O.o Great anime list!!!!

Escaflowne Jan 11, 2008

welcome to Anime Planet!

wow,you've joined yesterday and you already have filled your top5 and you anime list!good ^^ i too started watching anime with the knights of the zodiac...i loved that series and used to watch it everyday on tv =) too bad i don't remember the story very well..

so,welcome again on A-P!you'll love this site ;)