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Lol, no one pay mind to all of the shows I've seen... >.>; I've kinda/sorta not seen most, if not all, of those series. *sighs* Ah well, when I gets the time, maybe, ne? ;)

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What?! No anime ratings?

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lil1doll Jun 9, 2013

Hey Im from Illinois too!!! :D

wolfangel87 Feb 12, 2008

OH wow!!!!!  Great avatar, so pretty!

VivisQueen Feb 12, 2008

Hello! Saw you on the 'new members' list and chuckled at your name. Don't know why, heh. But welcome to the site! Christ, you want to watch THAT much anime? Ambitious. It's taken me like 6 years to get through 95. Haha!