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Final Fantasy X-2

22 SEP

Now I'm currently playing FFX-2...

I don't know why a lot of people tell me that this isn't the best FF, well... maybe, but for me is awesome, they say that the best FF ever released was the FFX, well I also have the FFX and I found FFX-2 more amusing than FFX, it's just a matter of "game tastes" I know that this isn't the greatest but it's still good, not many games caught my attention like this one...

I just want to keep playing this one no matter what... (not many games had that effect on me). 

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Kidakun avatar Kidakun
Apr 14, 2011

My god you must die in hell... :).


How can you tell that FF X-2 is better than FF X and also FF X is not the best Final Fantasy of all time, it's the VI. The X is my personally fav, but the 6th is the best one.

Anyway, i don't hate the X-2 but if your a little bit into the Final Fantasy you know that this FF is one of the baddest... Just made cause the X was a great success and they wanted more money.

So they take the same world, some of characters we already play/seen, make them like idol and here we go... For fans this game is a joke ! But at least this FF is better than the XIII so...

At least all people is different and have different tastes.

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