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Rewatching: Saikano and RahXephon.

And since I'm here... hi ^^ I use too many emotes, and pretty much everything else in my life is also done in excess. 

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blankaex Mar 3, 2013

Hey Jual !

I went into #ourroom for the first time in a while and chatted a bit with Ennea, but I didn't have much time. I'll try to make an effort to log in more often!

spitzfire Feb 12, 2013

some of the new animes that i am watching Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? and Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke.

and i just finihsed watching chrome shelled regios and the legend of legendary heroes. you have any suggestions??

zeldire Jan 29, 2013

Really? I think I stopped Miss Rose after the first or second episode. But if it gets good, then maybe I should give it another go.

Glad to hear the creepy adorableness is now just adorableness, but I still found the first two episodes of that entertaining. I haven't seen Reply 1997, but I still really want to watch it. Hahaha, I saw an ad for School 2013 on the "New & Popular", I didn't think I was ready for that. Well, if that's really how Korean students are today, I'm glad in not going to school in Korea. 

Man >,< I wish I remembered what episode it was that I saw of Running Man– all I can remember is that I just kept laughing and laughing. Now that I know that they have the episodes on the website that I use to watch kdrama, I can watch them there instead of on youtube.

Ahhh let's see, what am I doing now. Well, I've been reading Medaka Box, and I was playing Persona 4 thanks to Sayaka, and since I didn't go to my classes today, I've been thinking about finally starting to watch Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Though I also want to catch up on the episodes I haven't seen of Flower Boy Next Door, and then there's also Flower Boy Ramyun Shop which I'm watching now. But yeah, I'm ready for May too. It's only the second week of school T.T I'm an International Studies Major with a concentration in East Asia. What about you?

turtleduck Jan 15, 2013

I been doing good. Started school again this past Monday so just started the long process of doing homework again. I was able to spend a week doing nothing and watching 21 movies that I rented from Hastings. It was awesome.

As for what I am watching now that is good:

I am watching Psycho-Pass which I really like. It has that sci-fi feel.

I recently finished K, I loved it except for the ending, nooo.

And started watching Persona 4: The Animation, I recently played Persona 4 Golden so once I learned there was an anime I started watching, so far I love it.

So you watch anything good?

Sayaka Jan 14, 2013

Other than Chihayafuru S2, nothing from this season really peaks my interest. I'm probably going to wait until the summer before I start some of these shows and just focus on older shows that I've been meaning to watch for a while. I'm planning on watching Sasami-san because I find Shaft's work so fascinating and maybe AKB0048 S2 because I'm a masochist. I'll also probably try Yama no Susume and Tamako Market, even though they don't look too entertaining. I kind of hoped that, considering how disappointing 2012 was, that 2013 would start strong and produce some memorable shows. Looks like that was expecting too much, ugh.

What about you, mai dear waifu? Anything look promising to you?