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Rewatching: Saikano and RahXephon.

And since I'm here... hi ^^ I use too many emotes, and pretty much everything else in my life is also done in excess. 

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Kokoro911 Feb 4, 2012

Hello! :D 

I see you and I share a lot of common interests, including LoveCom. I am a LoveCom fan so no need to feel foolish :P And I was thinking we must unite if you like Trigun. It is my all-time favorite anime and I have never, (even though it seems to be quite popular), ever, met someone who truly likes it, especially off of the internet. All of the people I know that enjoy anime have never even heard of it... -.-

But anyway, I see you're watching Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei. I love that anime <3

kaosu Feb 4, 2012

Final Destination is a movie series where the main character has a vision of a near-future disaster and then tried to warn everyone involved and get them to avoid their death.  However, Death doesnt like that so he slowly kills the people who were suppose to be involved in order of their supposed death by way of freak accidents (made possible through a series of events; and thats why watching it is so enjoyable, since you're want to know how things will transpire to their death). The latest movie is Final Destination 5 :p

Anyway, yeah, i love shippuuden. You didn't know? :p And of course I love BRS; Ive been waiting like 6 months since i heard it was going to be made into tv series, but so far it seems it will be an alternate retelling of the OVA, which i dont mind, but as shatner puts it, id prefer just straight-up action lol

Elanra Feb 4, 2012

I LOVED Wolf's Rain... So sad, so beautiful... 

I am still relatively new in the yaoi universe. And I am beginning to realize that entering that genre with No.6 as your foothold makes you VERY picky and exacting. I have read several yaoi mangas and only Takarai Rihito's Hana nomi zo Shiru and Seven Days actually left a significant sense of appreciation in me. Anime-wise, I have only seen the Junjou Romantica and the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi series (and of course No.6 even though it isn't yaoi)... So... I really like the idea of two men falling in love and fighting their way into acceptance BUT I don't like flat yaoi stories with no real plot and just fanservice. 

About pasta, rain, someone playing with my hair and the moon.. You like those too?? Really? O_O

Anime/manga-wise I'm quite happy with the season... RL-wise, I wish I was anime. What about you?

delphist2008 Feb 4, 2012

Hi! Oh, no, i am not  red-head, though my beard is red) In fact, my hair is brunette, my whiskers are black, and only my beard and moustaches are red, whats a fun casus)

Well, i can not tell much about Another, because there are only 4 episodes now, but it seems to be a great show, especially vecause of it's autors, P.A.Works, which made my facourite thing, Angel Beats! Even if i have watched  about 60 titles, i still think it was the best i have seen. And Shana is just great, but i hate ongoings ::DDDD. Ca'nt wait to the next episode, lol. I prefer to wath a whole season at a time, and i can not do it with Shana 3)))) 

Setzra Feb 4, 2012

Yeah, instant oatmeal will last today, and I can mooch off the super bowl party tomorrow, so I should last till Monday :)

Well, the snows all gone again, which is sad. I do love snow, and I do love the cold far more than any hot weather. Weather isn't bad to talk about, it at least something we all have in common. Unless you haven't come out of your basement for a long while, then the weather's a bit of a mystery :)

I enjoy motorcycles far more than a car. Once the roads are nice, I won't be touching my car except as a necessity. I'm not really a gear head and not a fan of Harleys, but I do enjoy the feeling of the wind and the views from a bike very much. The fuel efficiency is a plus as well. I currently own a Suzuki Savage LS650, and it runs well except for some backfire that I need to fix this spring, but it's quite durable otherwise. I wish I could ride year round, but frostbite and icy roads say no.

I buy when I can of what I can. If it's something I watched online and enjoyed, I'll buy the boxset eventually, unless it never gets licensed, in which case I can't. It's expensive, but I can only think of a few other things to spend my money on. I buy DVDs, Blu-rays (just starting), and when I went to Japan I stocked up on figurines, so I'm good on decorations for now. I enjoy buying because it does support the industry, and I'd rather they had the money rather than taxes or anything else.

Really, I enjoy most great anime, or anime I've heard are great. Love anime that can get you to think about life and how you're living, or focus on a part of life you usually don't see. Also any anime that has great animation is a plus. I don't enjoy a lot of fanservice or ecchi focused anime, but I don't mind if the anime has some. I noticed your avy is Kare Kano, which is an anime I enjoyed. Even read the manga because I enjoyed it enough :) How about you?

Farming is great, but we don't live on an orchard. With orchards, it's all all (or mostly) hand picked and hand work, which I will agree is a pain. We farm wheat and barley, little bit of hay too, and that's all tractor work because it's on a much bigger scale than orchards. I find it fun because you learn things they don't teach you in school, you get to be outside a while, plus it's really the only time I see my father. Harvest is fun as well becuase you get to meet a lot of other fun farmers and get to drive the big machinery: combines :) It is an enjoyable job, and one I'm not giving up on too quick. In some ways I wouldn't mind making a living at farming, but I have deeper interests in computers right now. Farming is a part of my life, and I'll keep doing it for a while simply because it is fun.