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Rewatching: Saikano and RahXephon.

And since I'm here... hi ^^ I use too many emotes, and pretty much everything else in my life is also done in excess. 

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Kaorichaos says...

VnV I've been so lazy lately...All I've done is rewatch series that I've already seen before baaah. Up to anything?

Mar 23, 2013
zeldire says...

Biomedical Sciences? Sounds pretty cool. But yeah, if you're looking into International Studies programs for next year, I have a feeling you're going to like it. Aghhh, don't remind me– I keep trying to get myself to believe that it's May already. Not exactly working so far TT.TT Ahh, yeah, I'm either going to work or take summer classes. What about you?

I actually really like SZS. The characters are all really different, and in the most ridiculous ways possible which I appreciate. I just keep getting sidetracked, so I haven't finished it yet. Yeah, I haven't seen anything quite like it either.

Hahaha, Flowerboy, oh gosh, so much stuff keeps happening. They utterly smashed several of the theories I had formed while watching it (which I'm pretty glad for, or else everything would have been so predictable). I think I have 1 or 2 episodes to catch up on. I had a good marathon of random dramas and even a Chinese and Korean movie last week or the week before, and since then, I've been wanting to watch a really good anime… and since this season's anime has been hmmm "meh" I've gone back to the older anime too. Well, lately I've been in a sports mood, so I'm watching One Outs (which is 2008), and it's pretty good. If you liked Blood+ you may like Tokko… I liked Real Bout High School too. I'll keep thinking.

Hmmm, other than that, life's pretty good. Just waiting for summer… waiting..and…waiting… What about you?

Mar 14, 2013
Hentaikappa says...

Just in general. Endings could make or break an anime or it could be pointless >.> 

The year has been all right; nothing too exciting. Made it to Katsucon but haven't watched much anime. How about you?

Mar 8, 2013
Naga says...

Nah. We're cool. Only thing that confused me was: “What the hell did I write to this guy?” It took me about 7 min to find my message on your loaded profile. After 6 minutes of search I was like: “balls be trippin’, this shit has dates on top.” And so I found it. :P

 I don’t know. Imo, memory is a really useful took when rating is involved, and frankly, maybe the most important. Think of it like this: The show (let’s take Naruto for example, or CG, whatever) that I watched maybe years ago, which basically left me with good feeling over the years. I remember few cool plot twist, beginning, ending, and ofc, the main character. Anything else? NO. That is the thing that triggered my thinking about ‘what makes something great’, and more or less the question of; what is masterpiece, and how do I recognize it based on my standard? And then it came to me. Memories.  

As you may have noticed, I have only one show on 5 stars; Evangelion. Now let’s explain why so that you can understand what I’m saying more easily. My standards are quite harsh, but logical if you give it some thought. The most important thing to me is characters. Does Evangelion have memorable, well developed characters with significant depth? Yes. In matter of fact, every present character that had plot-wise significance was given a background, motives, and enough attention and characterization to make him/her memorable, realistic and logical. Did I mention the depth? If I didn’t it was everywhere, and every character carried his own portion. Bottom line: something I doubt I’ll ever forget. Music, which is well appreciated, but not as nearly significant to me, was excellent. Animations were terrible at some point, but overall quite solid for its age. The plot was something else entirely. It surely wasn’t perfect, but man, can someone watch Evangelion and forget that, that plot? Doubt it? Why, you may wonder? It’s pretty simple actually. If a show made you think, gave you something more than just dumb fun or good memories, if it actually gave you something to relate to, to empathize with characters, see yourself in them, or helped you find a solution to your own problem, or at least thought-provoked you to think about it more, then it’s a good fucking show, my friend. Yeah, I could seriously go endlessly about ‘why is eva the best of anime’ though I think this is not about that? Or was it? Damn. Anywhore. Bottom line of this segment: if something satisfied my standards, which are pretty high, it’s great (let’s say Tatami), but if that shit made what eva did to me, it’s a damn masterpiece (for me, I mean). I doubt that I explained my standards thoroughly, maybe characters, but I can write it down if you want, np. But then, when I look at other shows, like Summer Wars, I watched a while ago, some maybe earlier than eva, what do I really remember about them? Well, all I remember about SW was bunny like creature, shit that reminded me of good ol Digimon, and the pedophile that wanted to rape the internet. Not much, and so… not good. It may have been candy for my brain, in other words porn. Porn is actually the same. How many pornstar’s faces do you actually remember? Their proportions? Doubt it. It’s just fun, fun we like but still nothing of significance. Just some shit to pass time. But if you actually do, it means that you googled it for some reasons and searched more about it, mostly because there was something better in whatever something chicken nugget. I just realized that I made the worst analogy in existence, but damn this shit is too good to be deleted. Comparing porn to SW… well, some anime… but damn… Anywore. SW is something like porn to me. I don’t remember anything about it except that I probably had a good time watching it. In other words, it’s junk…

I can totally understand your POV (look at me throwing all those porn terms) in rating. I probably do exaggerate but my system just works like that. It is about my preference at the times (shows around 2.5 – 4), but I believe that I can spot something great, unrelated of my personal preferences, since I do believe that if something is great that people should be able to recognize/acknowledge it as such for obvious reasons. Ofc, people are oblivious as fuck, and usually have nothing more to say for excuse except: I just liked it, moe, boobs, badass. Whatever. It’s just my opinion. Seeing your list again my faith in anime community has risen.  May Popee, fabulous god of sodomizing fertility, sun, milk, rape and dance bless your anus.

I loved Kare Kano opening. Those few episodes are my favorite shoujo up to date. And of course I read manga. Pfff. Who wouldn’t? It’s much better than the second half, which was, imo, shit, both as standalone and in comparison to fabulous first one. Btw, director of Evangelion, Hideki Anno, directed that first 6 episodes. The more you know. :)

I tries to re-watch some things from years back, and all the time I couldn’t help but to derp at my past idiocity. I watched few eps of CG, and I was like: “Fuck this lasers n’ titties orgies, where my memories be? Though, it wasn’t that bad. It was good, at times…

Psycho-pass? Well, I’m still waiting for an ending to give my verdict. But as it is now, I don’t know. There’s nothing that extraordinary about it. I found myself not enjoying the drama, and found it overblown at times. More than once I had to pause the episode and laugh at how horrifying the animations were during these last 3 or 4 episodes. Seriously. I’ll send you a pic if I remember it. The rest is solid. I liked the main bromance. The detective was never such a big deal to me, since I miss pussy characters (never thought I’d say it, but I really do). I found the depth half forced, half pretentious but somewhat good. Did I mention how Ko was plot-device and not character? Oh, I could go on and on... but I’ll get in details if you want.

Awww maaaaaan… I have no idea what are we talking about just now. We have a lot of topics, apparently. Let’s just say that men need to watch more raining so that our heath detectors get dumpier when predators from Venus attack us. In time, people will invent time machine and travel to 60s to get crucial information for our future survival. They’ll most likely get stuck, since someone from Mexico will steal it. They’ll get their burritos, hang around few burro shows, and never got seen again. The Mars won’t give a flying fuck, but space Huan will most likely save the day.  That Space Huan, always the same. Anyway. Space battleships will enter the black holes, universe’s anus, and probably get infected with space HIV. The rest in on Dolly and her cheap firecrackers. But fear not, not all is lost. Popee is with us, and John Titor lives. All hail Jewbacka!

Sorry about this. 4-chan does things to you…

And yeah, I love to read manga. I do it almost every other day. :)

Be well, and don’t cheat on your man. Seriously. Don’t. 

Ups. I did it again. Don't feel oblighted to reply in next few weeks. I mean this wall of text... damn. 

Mar 7, 2013
Noutathewolf says...

Yeah, like I wanted to know more about them and more about their world and stuff... I thought they were stuck somewhere else by the end of Eureka 7? Now they were back where they belong? I just don't know, the series raised more questions than it answered. Was super happy to see Renton at least! :D Actually had his appearance spoiled by my dad, though! (Seriously, my parents watch more anime than I do now.. crazy!)

I'm alright, just kind of busy with school. Hopefully I'll have more "free time" after the 9th, since I'll be done with a fast track class (1/2 semester class, so x2 the workload). I'm not really watching anything, I sort of dropped some of the "current" things I had been watching, or they ended (Sword Art Online and My Little Monster ended, which were both great, but I don't know if I want to keep watching that New World one). Tsuritama is sooo weird, but pretty good. The intro song is uber addicting! How about you though? How have you been? Any good shows? Sorry I haven't been on irc for awhile :(

Mar 5, 2013