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Rewatching: Saikano and RahXephon.

And since I'm here... hi ^^ I use too many emotes, and pretty much everything else in my life is also done in excess. 

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XxZeroeZxX Apr 24, 2013

the funny thing is they just released ANOTHER single since u responded (Yasashii Kotoba was "new" one, Hanafuru Yoru is the new new one)

and what's with the "actually", why wouldn't u like Sakurasou?

and how come ur never on chat when I want to chat u -_-

Noutathewolf Apr 24, 2013

Oh, I had gone to #jualseta, though it was all quiet. Did Dak also make the switch? I remember seeing Taga and jmw, among others. Attack on Titan hurts me to watch, it's not only violent but... well, I already know everyone I love will die. As for Crime Edge, I was a little weirded out (first episode made me assume it was a hair fetish anime) and then the other episodes it was like "Whoa, that escalated quickly" sort of feeling. Magi (from last season) is pretty good, though I feel awkward watching it at college... Or at least the parts with Aladdin and his girl-body obsession. How about you? How are you doing and how's the shows you're watching (assuming you're watching some) ?

Noutathewolf Apr 14, 2013

They have a new Eureka 7 manga. It's called New Order and it's an alternate ending to the series ! (Also, how are you? I tried dropping in irc the other day but it seemed slow and I didn't recognize a lot of the names)

spitzfire Mar 31, 2013

tenga toppa - i will give it a try (not usually a fan of mecha, but i will still give it a shot)

my fav anime for this season are

sakurasou no pet


kotoura-san )

problem children from another world

zettai karen

are you excited for the next season of anime??

XxZeroeZxX Mar 26, 2013

Jual-san, I just wanted to let u know that Hemenway has a new single and I think ur gonna like it.