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Rewatching: Saikano and RahXephon.

And since I'm here... hi ^^ I use too many emotes, and pretty much everything else in my life is also done in excess. 

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kaosu Jul 13, 2013

I havent finished a few either, but eventually i will...

Railgun is railgun, its just a nice thing to watch when theres nothing else-- also they are going over the accelerator arc again so ive been lax on it

I still have to watch (and most likely drop) and handful of shows. I love watamote. Im so happy its not a short like i thought it would be. its only been 1 ep, but i think its doing the series/manga justice (love the OP/ED)

Sayaka Jul 1, 2013

China! I'm so jealous. What were you doing there?

Ah, I watched Kotonoha no Niwa and Nerawareta Gakuen too. KnN was average but beautiful (those rain effects, man) but.. am I the only one who found the age gap to be pretty creepy? I wish the director of Nerawareta Gakuen had spent more time forming a comprehensible plot instead of cliches, lens flare, and falling sakura petals.

Summer season I plan on watching  Free, Danganronpa, Rozen Maiden, New Monogatari, Gin no Saji, Blood Lad, Hakkenden 2, Genshiken, and Watamote. I'll probably pick up a couple others, depending. Looks like a decent enough season.

I've spent the last week catching up on all the seasonal anime I was behind on. Spring season was okay overall, and still much better than winter was. My brief summary of what I watched:

Maou-sama (5/10) Started good, but unfortunately spiraled into generic harem territory, which is a shame because the first two episodes were genuinely funny.

Gargantia (6/10) It had a lot of ideas, but jamming it into one 12 episode series is a terrible idea, especially considering the SoL episodes. Chamber is awesome though.

Yahari (4/10) Still watching, but other than the how amusing 8man is, this show doesn't have much appeal for me.

Date a Live (3/10) Only thing DaL had going for it was Kurumi's arc and the female character designs. Just another generic harem series.

MJP (5/10) It's okay, action is pretty decent. Has Hirai same-faces, which makes is physically painful to watch. Addressed how rape can be used as a currency.

UtaPri (2/10) Need I say anything? The ED this season was fabulous, as expected.

Devil Survivor 2 (3/10) I'll let you know when I can get past the first episode.

Karneval (3/10) Watched it for the fabulous designs, was isappointed in the boring plot and characters. Ended in an unsatisfactory way.

Aku no Hana (5/10) Will be forever remembered for its poor use of rotoscope. Eventually gets better, but is really only worthwhile for the sound direction and atmosphere. The writing and characters are questionable.

Shingeki no Kyojin (6/10) The adaptation is boring after reading the manga. Also suffers from pacing problems and still shots.

VVV (5/10) So stupid, but I haven't enjoyed a seasonal show this much in a year. Can't wait for the second season in October. My AOTS, hands down.

kaosu Jul 1, 2013

Been doing great! How about yourself?  I seem to see you everytime a season starts/ends! lol

Spring season, to me, was very meh, and I might be bias because im kinda cynical towards anime right now.  I did enjoy seeing my waifu again though, and Railgun was/is fun!  Seeing Accelerator again is always a blast (I love that kid)!  Honestly I cant think of anything else thats worth mentioning.... ?

Next season looks full of sequels/prequels/unoriginals.  But at least I get kaminomi and watamote among some other things that arent important enough for me to remember....  Ready to start the previews!?!?

Sayaka Jun 18, 2013

Waifu~ Come back!

XxZeroeZxX May 31, 2013

OMG I loved it... I didn't even care that it was rushed, and that it really should've been a full length movie, I still fucking loved it. The animation, the music, the experience is just fantastic!