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Just Bleach


Opinion by James T.

I recently removed Bleach off of my favorite anime list. It used to be my favorite anime, but recently, my interests have wanned as Bleach begins to get more and more generic and shallow. In the beginning, the show pulled me in with the dark atmosphere and tense music...and as it moved into the second arc, I'd get chills whenever Number One played as Ichigo made an epic appearance. But alas, the more recent arcs have disappointed me countless times. The plot so far is riddled with holes that don't seem to be fixable anytime soon, and the fillers are horrendous (but that's not the reason I dislike Bleach-- I know the purpose of fillers well and they're necessary to give the manga some time to get ahead). The main reason I dislike Bleach at this point is the fact that they managed to ruin so many good potential characters (I'll not elaborate for spoiler reasons), and overall there's really nothing special about any of the battles. You realize at the end that none of the battles employ any real strategy or intelligence and are based on sheer power (like Dragon Ball Z), not necessarily a bad thing, but pales in comparison to Naruto at this point.

P.S. The above post is a rant. It may be incoherent and absolutely senseless :)

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