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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Character Wishlist

16 JAN

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 DLC Wishlist

By James


Okay, we have a month left before MVC3 comes out, and being a huge fanboy, I can't help but create my own wishlist for characters that should make an appearance (IMO) as DLC. So here it goes...

On the Marvel side, of course I'd like Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and even the recently popular joke character Squirrel Girl. But here are my lesser known favorites:


Amatsu-Mikaboshi (aka Chaos King)

This guy is a Marvel villain straight from the Japanese Shinto Pantheon and he's the ruler of the underworld, Yomi. He's a big bad that took over the Shinto gods once and made an attempt to take over the Greek Pantheon, only losing once both Japanese and Greek gods teamed up against him. He was even in the Skrull Invasion arc and joined Hercules in the God Squad against the Skrull Pantheon. He's pretty bad ass and what makes him even better is that he speaks in Haiku! His playstyle would be quite interesting and would be similar to Samurai Jack's Aku (remember that on Cartoon Network?).



He's the Norse God of mischief, seeing a trend here? Yes, I have a great love for mythological gods, but Loki would be an awesome choice. His powers have a range from shape-shifting, imbuing objects with mystical powers, to buffing up your super-powered teammates. He'd be a great addition for obvious reason, and just look at those horns! He'll add more color to the already colorful cast.


Dracula (Marvel)

Now the Count would be an impressive addition to the cast. Having a long history in the Marvel Universe (and in many other universes thanks to Bram Stoker) he'd be a very popular addition, especially with today's fanaticism over vampires. Also he's quite relevant with the recent X-Men Vs. Vampires and would be deservedly powerful in gameplay.

The Hood

The Hood

[Info coming soon]

That's all for now. A new blog may be created with who I want for Capcom next time!

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