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Hi!! My name is (actually my nickname) MelKitty!! Meoww! Umm i like animes and mangas!! Also I LOVE DOING AMVS!!!! (Anime Music Videos!!!) The manga im curently on ıs b gata h kei!! Its s cute and unny and really perverted!! I recomend you to read it AND watch it!! im starting to learn japanese! Im a fan of JRock and a really huge fan of Kpop and Krock!!

The Gazette and Miyavi!! <3 (: <3 (:

Aoi *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*

Well anyways this is all for now!!

ByebyeBye!! Arigato Gozaimasu!!!

MelKıtty ^^

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himejideviluke says...

cool, I haven't watched Death Note yet though, but I hear its great so i'll watch it before summer ends.

Aug 9, 2011
himejideviluke says...

Well, to be honest, I dont really know any song names nor have any downloaded music. But I do tend to fall in love with a great deal of jrock and jpop music anime openings. ^,^

Aug 9, 2011
himejideviluke says...

Cool! Happy Birthday, I hope you have a good one! ^,^

Aug 8, 2011
himejideviluke says...

I am well, how are you?


Aug 8, 2011