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Uho!  Ii otoko!

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faylan7 Mar 2, 2011

I read your blog post, checked out the site, and then I had to register an account just so I could 'hate' Omigawa Chiaki, where I saw your name

Cool story huh

sothis Mar 2, 2011

Saw your blog post, thanks for writing it up :)

A few notes about the database, just as a fyi ^_^

The anime database has been around for about 10 years, though it started out solely as a recommendation db at first. For about 7 years we only put up entries if they had full info - meaning a synop and screens, and everything on AP is unique/hand written so sometimes it would take awhile. ^_^ it's also why we have a lot of synops up for rare series (its a thing of mine, I like finding weird things to add XD)

A few years back I decided we'd start adding placeholders (blank entries) for list purposes, since personal lists were only added in 2007. To make matters worse the staff database (directors, etc) and character database are less than a year old (as is the manga db). That's why a lot have missing info of that sort, but we're coooonstantly working on adding them :) the char descrips for example still are hand written/unique, but I have a team of mods constantly putting things up. There's an effort atm to get staff added for everything as well.

Manga-wise I can easily add anything that failed in your import list, if you can show me a screenshot (or alternately just let me log in as you - id change your pw and then you can change it back - as I can plow through them that way too)

Anyways, glad you decided to check out AP :)