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for me i liked the beginning it was fun entertaining but as it went on, well for me, i lost interest it became a bit dull theres wasnt the same feeling as before even the story lacked energy and excitement and other stuff too. i believe that this anime really was a bit dull and boring, it began strong but lost its touch along the way there was a point in the anime i just wanted to skip the episodes because i was bored off them but since i was atleast more than half way i decided to continue and the ending. well its up to you if you want to watch i say see the first episodes then decided...

3/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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kio3459 Aug 13, 2011

epic fail isnt enough for this anime!!!  I completely agree with the review!  I dont know how anyone can like this anime.  Is possible to give a negative rating?!?!?!  Geezzzzz.... I guess the only way to keep the anime (creators opionoin) from being predictable is having the dufus chose his sister.. WOW.. amazing they created something unique!

Anime completely sucked.. was boring until the end..

Tyr162000 Dec 31, 2010

you have to be THE ONLY reviewer that gave a anime i liked a bad rating but did it in a way that i can't be mad about!


catlover192 Dec 17, 2010

the ending is an epic fail

jfonsy Aug 11, 2010

Totally agree. started out really well and just about episode 8 it went so bad.

PKLegends Jun 21, 2010

what a waste! luckily i read your review right before start watching episode 8.

it could have been much better if they hadn't screw it up at the end.