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hi im josh i love anime for the escape to a fantasy world where you can root for your favorite characters and how it bring people from every where together i hope to love anime for year to come

lets see genres i like

thiller - pet shop of horror

horror -hellsing

fantasy - M.A.R

sci-fi - cowboy bebop

comedy -

anime i dont really prefer (but dont hate)



and that about it love meet new anime friends so hope to find some

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nallyasian Apr 6, 2012

it's been a while so how you going with hetalia? gotten into it yet? I had school camp so sorry bout the late reply derrrrrp.

me? well I haven't watched anything lately but now I have a week before school so I might as well get started on something ;) don't know what yet, though. wbu?

nallyasian Mar 30, 2012

yah. you're gay don't talk to me.

haha i kid of course ;) hows it beeeeen ol' friend? and yeah, how far have you watched into it? cos its kinda... confusing at first but once you get introduced to the allies it gets SO AWESOME! XD 

nallyasian Mar 4, 2012

haha yeah! maybe I should do that sometime soon... invite a couple friends over and watch some anime while eating whole packets of marshmallows.

mmm... marshmallows...

i'm watching this really funny short series at the moment. have you seen hetalia?

MY GOD IT IS SOOO HILARIOUS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT WATCH IT NOW!!!and sorry for the late reply... again :/ but you know ill always keep in touch haha. 

nallyasian Feb 24, 2012

Che. You say YOU'RE falling behind?! I'm not even up to the 100's!

Wish I was though... sounds lame I know but I can hardly find the time to watch ANY anime these days. School's a pain :/

The most I can watch of One Piece if I try hard enough is probably 3 eps.

Oh and as for Black Butler... uhh well I watched the first episode but I felt it didn't really stick with me. I had other anime I was hoping to finish at the time anyway, and apparently it gets crap towards the end.

But if it turns out well for you, give me a heads-up yes? :)

nallyasian Feb 18, 2012

haha no no... replies are good! just that i'm finding it really hard to keep up with all of them since i've still got school to put up with... so sorry for all the late rplies :/

Umm well right now im watching hetalia and one piece! they're both suuuper awesome and absolutely HILARIOUS, espesh hetalia. funniest thing i've ever watched :P

what about you? anything you're liking at the moment?