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Reborn: So glad I stuck with it.

24 NOV

I mean, I got real bored of it, but I stuck with it, and volume 8 onwards it's been awesome! It's really funny, yet very action packed as well now. I can even tolerate Tsuna, whereas before I hated him. I'm halfway through volume 12, and it's only getting better and better.


I still think that Takeshi Yamamato should be the main character, he's so likeable, whereas Tsuna can really get on my nerves sometimes. He's become too much like a Bleach character, y'know, the typical 'Oh no, I'm frightened, I can't do this. But hang on, My friends need me! Okay, I'll help them!!!' and then learns some almighty new power and kicks some ass. Also, the whole 'reborn' thing with the Dying Will bullet is starting to become pointless, it won't be needed at all soon, and so the manga will only be called Reborn for the character Reborn.


Anyway, I recommened Reborn to anyone who reads this (not many people) although be warned it takes a while to get into!

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