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Why'd it have to end?!

19 MAR

I just finished reading Anedoki, and i'm so disappointed that it had to end. I know that it didn't do well in votes, and so it was cancelled, but the ending was so sweet that I wish that it hadn't ended and instead of that ending, something had happened in which they all went back and lived in the same house again.

Maybe, if people request more (which isn't likely), they'll do a sequel when they are all older.

I hope so.

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DeathScythe24 avatar DeathScythe24
Sep 15, 2011

the newer adding to the ending made it sweet and made you want it to continue even more... especially considering its almost how the manga starts but just when he's matured!



Neukris avatar Neukris
Jan 19, 2011

Can anyone add characters please? xP

rixardo0 avatar rixardo0
Jul 11, 2010

I feel the same way, I didn't like the ending very much It felt kinda rushed

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