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Kari5 says...

Pretty much. But if you really want to, you can use an image sharing site (ex: photobucket) to post it here: FYI, that character cannot be added until a mod, or a couple of users, confirms the information. This could take a while.

May 10, 2011
Kari5 says...

Thanks for the new photos, but again we can't accept them. You've just stretched the photos vertically, which seriously distorts the image. That, or the place you're getting them stretched them (megavideo usually does this, along with other video players). Sorry if it seems like we're being extremely picky, but we kind of are ^^; If you have any questions, please just message me.


Thanks for helping A-P!

May 10, 2011
Kari5 says...

Thanks for the submissions to the character database! Your submission for Takeo looks fine, and will be added to the site as soon as a moderator can confirm the information. However, we cannot accept the images you sent.

All photos must be between 130x180 and 130x200 pixels in size to fit the character page properly. We also ask that photos not be taken from other anime websites (if it's from google, it's from another site!), because all the content on A-P is original. We recommend finding a good source (video is not bad quality or stretched; download or legal stream is usually the best), taking a screenshot, then cropping the photo to the correct size.


If you have any questions, check out the guidelines or send me a message :D

May 10, 2011