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I fit into a few catogories but am a master of none. I am part goof ball, part romantic, part Otaku, part metal head, part dork and part nerd (there is a diffrence) and part outcast all rolled into one. I concider myself a kid at heart but in a way more mature than most people my age. I am not below making an ass of myself for a joke. I am kind, but also dark and no I dont concier shopping at hot topic and listening to my chemical romance dark at all. This is how I am inside and my outside is these things just subdued. I sound like I am confusing but I am really not. All these parts make up me and mesh in a weird way to create something unique.insert bio information

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wolfangel87 says...

Nice to see you on the forums!

Feb 19, 2008
wanryavka says...

you're comment box looked a little empty so I'd thought 'd drop by and say hi.  So HI!

Feb 18, 2008