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20 year old housewife. Ive been watching anime sinse i was in the 6th grade, and still watch it while cleaning the house or relaxing. I like comedies and romances just like I do cheesy movies. I also love videogames. my faveorites are the fallout series, bioshock series, and the animal crossing series. I also love cooking, and gardening, as well as makeup and shopping! My best friend is my hubby, as well as my 2 babies, my kitten nosy, and puppy harley.

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Aranneas Aug 27, 2012

I lol'd at your reaction to Yosuga no Sora. well put. I found most of it surprisingly tasteful for having stemmed from an H-game to be honest, but yeah... the last arc really does kind of ruin it a bit

I'm a bit curious, why the aversion to Arakawa? if romance and comedy are your thing it's a pretty solid bet

oh and definitely do your best to get back to Toradora when you can.

you might enjoy Love Hina as well. it's a harem, and much heavier on the comedy than the romance, but many consider it a classic.

lastly do give Honey and Clover a try. I stumbled into it recently and ended up marathoning the first season. I'd be watching the second right now but my watch time is reserved for the Sunrise fest atm :3