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  1. I love Anime and Manga I have seen many and still want to see more of them...
  2. I like  anime ( and manga) with genre: shonenai - yaoi .
  3. I like other anime with action like Bleach , naruto , Kenshin or anime with good ghost story's.
  4. I don't like Animes death endings i mean>> if they all going to die ...and that 's it. ^^
  5. I don't like Animes with genre Mecha. (a little exeptions are there)
  6. I live in the netherlands with my husband and son we also have a big dog .
  7. I have a site in shonenai genre ...
  8. I love to talk with everyone. I only hope my english is readable... ^_~
  9. ! or  2Stars :  do not bother ..don't watch.
  10. 3 stars : good enough to watch.
  11. 4 stars : loved it ...maybe I watch it again.
  12. 5 stars : wow love this one.... I want to see more ..more.
  13. Anime ongoing: Bleach, Code ceass r2, Naruto shippuuden, Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho (2),
  14. Anime waiting for : junjou Romantica,2 ,  Ikoku Irokoi Romantan ep 2, Close the Last Door ep2, Vampire knight quilty..Skip Beat
  15. Manga ongoing: /Nurarihyon No Mago, Skip Beat, viewfinder, crimson spell..
  16. Music i like: Metal.
  17. Movie's I like: Vampire movies, Hellsing, Underworld, interview with a vampire.
  18. Books i like: Manga, comics, Lord of the rings, Fantasy Books from Frits Leiber.

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ItoshiiYoma May 13, 2008

yes that was a mix-up

it was that day that the site was being jittery....i do mean to fix it soon! 

Lolo May 8, 2008

Yes Gackt has a cat and a dog :)

I think that he working with a superband right now called Skin which band members include Miyavi (whom I love), Sugizo (former guitarist from Luna Sea), and Yoshiki (co-founder of X Japan) very awesome indeed. I do not believe that there has been an album release yet tho which is very sad indeed :(

Have a great day!


Lolo May 7, 2008

Gackt was the singer for Malice Mizer from 1995 till about 98 I believe :)

Good stuff indeed ^^

Yes I love Gackt he is my favorite singer/song writer/ piano player/ guitar player/ model

so taleted ^^ 

ItoshiiYoma May 5, 2008

omg i love ur pic!

which anime did u get it from!? 

argona Apr 21, 2008

hey thank u so much for dropping by.Actually I have downloaded Bus gamer but haven't watched it yet!University just keep me too damn busy.well I have read some yaoi mangas from Hack and DP scanlations.they usually have many good ones but recently I have become addicted to Naruto yaoi fanfictions!Lol

How about u?have u watched the latest shounen ai animes?Kire papa and  Ikoku Irokoi Romantan I think!the hell why they didn't choose crimson spell or viewfinder?I'm so pissed!