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Let's talk about my favorites =]

17 JAN

    I am going to try to give you my top ten favorite animes'.  I am particularly fond of the horror genre and psychological, so you'll see alot of that on here. Hope you can enjoy, and if you've seen a majority of these and have some recommendations of your own please comment below! =]

my number 10 favorite would be  


Oh god, let's take it back. This is a classic comedy/action mix. Here above you have Vash. One of the single most funny characters i've happend to come across. Though this show is a bunch of funny, it does have a serious side. A very dark past. And one that Vash has to live through. Give the first episode ago, if it doesn't make you smile or at least wonder what's next. it may not be for you. but this anime is one that started my anime journey.

9. Kill la Kill 

Though a recent anime, this one is as zaney as it is weird. From the creators of gurren lagann. This anime will have you on the edge of your seat laughing your butt off going "what the hell was that". Though perverted on almost every level, you'll always be up for a thrill. I've enjoyed this enough to call it a favorite, and i'm normally not into the combat style. but this is a very refreshing watch.

8. Blood + 

Here we have Blood+. A much darker/sadder story than the previously mentioned. One of my early favorites as a young teen. We follow the story of saya, and her ever so quiet companion hachi. This story is captivating. It kept me wondering how the plot would unfold, and god did it ever. If you like mythical creatures or monsters. this is a good pick up for you. 

7. ready for this odd one??


"eww a harem... how could you Jeff?" You may ask me, but you know what? this one actually has a decision!! (applause please). Shuffle! is deffinitely the most lighthearted anime on this list but it doesn't mean it isn't good. Though it's a harem, so you have one guy surrounded by girls who want nothing but him. This was the first harem i watched, and i'm glad for that. This one actually has emotional depth and i really did enjoy getting to know the characters. a bit of yandere! a bit of fantasy. we have it all folks.

6. Deadman Wonderland 

okay now the fun begins. This story is as dark as it comes. Ganta, a young boy who in the middle of school witnesses the slaughter of everyone of his classmates. Then is blamed for it. BOOM *hooked already*. Now we must follow him into deadman wonderland, and find out why he was the only one left alive. Oh goodness we can't forget shiro! if anything encourages you to watch this show, it should be Shiro. Just don't be mean.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist :Brotherhood


Now here is a story, you have the Elric brothers. two young alchemists' who lost their mother at a young age. They tried to bring her back to life, but i suppose tried is the key word. Ed lost his arm and leg, Alphonse lost his body. Ed sealed Al's soul to a body of armour. And the story goes from there. It is in every sense fantastic. This should be an essential for any anime fan. 

4.Attack on Titan 

May i present to you, tragedy at it's finest. This is one of the newer anime's i've watched. And in every sense of the word horror, this captivates it. You'll be biting nails, and praying your favorite charater isn't about to lose his head (literally). This is a quick watch, once you start, it is so hard to stop. It has no settling point, it keeps just hitting the fan harder and harder. If you don't have a weak heart condition, pick this one up. and don't let it go.

3.Sword Art Online

Being a gamer and all i loved this story, one of the best first episodes in an anime that i've seen. It has romance, fantasy, suspense, and an array of characters that make you love this damn show.  SAO is a virtual reality mmorpg. Only the first 10,000 got to join in and play it. But when quitting time came, no one could log out. And worse came to worse, when you die in the game, you die in real life..... ooooohhhh chilling.

2. Inuyasha

 this is another classic, this was my first real anime. And once i watched it i couldn't stop. Though a tad bit cheesy at the beginnig. these characters will warm your heart. and set it ablaze when bad things come. Inuyasha is a half demon, but has always wanted to become a full demon. So he set his eyes to the precious Shikon jewel. Held by the pristess kikyo. Kikyo seals inuyasha to a sacred tree. Which in starts our main story of kagome. But you need to watch it to find out. it's so worth it.

1. The Future Diary

This is yandere at it's finest. I've just recently watched the future diary (or mirai nikki tv). And imediately fell in love with it. Here we have yuki a teenage boy, who is trying to find his place in the world. with no friends and nothing but time. He sits in his room and hides in his imagination. He talks to deus ex machina who is the god of time. and the god gives him a gift. a future diary. The plot twists when he tells the diary users there are 12 of them. and the last one standing will become god of this world. But then there is Yuno. who is obessesed with Yuki... If you don't give this one a go, you may highly regret it. As the plots twist and your brain will turn. and just trust me when i say shit will hit the fan. By far this anime is the best i've seen.

So there you have it. my extensive list of my favorites. I'm pretty new to this site. so feel free to add me as a friend. or just talk to me, i like knowing what you guys think. =]] enjoy.



Lukrut avatar Lukrut
Apr 23, 2014

Haha Mahouka~ does sound brilliant, will wait for the first season to finish & watch it!

And for Deadman i think its time to put myself together and read manga. I do prefer anime but in some cases its just not_gonna_happen [like the best thing i ever read - Tower of God]

Elfen Lied i watched long time ago - one of the first ones - and i have mixed feeling about it >///< so you should tell me your opinion after watching!!

Phantom i found just in a right mood for watching it... though its always nice to see assasins being born, this one is pretty quiet, not gross ^^

jeffywolfking avatar jeffywolfking
Apr 22, 2014

NGNL,  is Ecchi in a certain light, there are panty shots and big boobs galore, but it's quite hularious. Deadman, from what i've read, is not getting another season, simply because it was Not at all popular in Japan. I actually Wikipedia'd the rest, i plan to actually read it. But holy jesus, it gets 10x more intense. I'm currently expecting great things from

1. No Game No Life

2. Black Bullet

3. Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei

4. Akuma No Riddle

I just watched Mahouka koukou no rettousei, tonight actually, It has the makings to be quite brilliant. 

I've been meaning to watch elfen lied, i feel like it is right up my alley, so i'll probably try that tonight as well.

Same goes for Darker than black, But i've never heard of Requiem for the Phantom. 

Lukrut avatar Lukrut
Apr 22, 2014

Cool! Though No Game No Life says "ecchi" is it really that much? Because Elfien Lied and even One Piece say "ecchi" sometimes but i wouldnt say so...that level i can accept >.<

Any news about Deadman next season? Darker than Black is another one i plan to watch soon, hope it will be scary enough. I dont know if you watched Requiem for the Phantom... but well.. these 3 are about same chilling style :D

jeffywolfking avatar jeffywolfking
Apr 20, 2014

I found that the new anime, No Game No Life is quite like SAO and log horizon in the specs that the main characters are stuck in a gaming world, but it's quite different. And so far quite amazing. Thanks for the recommendation on Log Horizon, i've been meaning to check it out. Just haven't made the time for it. But maybe today i shall ^.^

Lukrut avatar Lukrut
Apr 18, 2014

I have watched all from top-6 of this list (except for Inuyasha) and totally agree :D

Attack on Titan is No.1 in my "Can't_wait_for_next_season" list.....

if you liked SAO, Log Horizon is your next step, and if you will find something like Deadman Wonderland let me know!..... and now i have to check No.9


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