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Anime Genres

25 NOV

Konichiwa! I guess you opened this blog because you want to learn about the different Genres of Anime. Or maybe you got curious. Either way I welcome you to this blog and I hope you'll have a better understanding of the different anime Genres. (by the way correct me if I'm wrong, these are based from what i have learned through my 10 years of anime.)


To Start of lets look at the common Genres that you'll find in shows that are not only anime.

|*| ACTION      |*| ADULT


|*| DRAMA       |*| FANTASY


|*| SCI-FI        |*| SPORTS

Since these are really common genres theres no need for me to explain these.


Lets just move ahead to the Genres used in Anime that are somewhat misunderstood.


|*| Doujinshi

- Let me see, I bet you thought this is only referring to what we call "Hentai Manga" well it is but not all of it. Doujinshi refers to a manga or a novel that you did and publish on your own without any sponsor. In short it refers to artists or writers that published their own works.


|*| Ecchi

- Turn That frown upside down Because its every guy's favorite Genre!! Yey Ecchi!! Ok so Ecchi, It doesn't really mean "Sex". Your probably saying "who said it ment sex?" well no one actually, The Genre Ecchi refers to the "stuff" that makes your "thing" excited. lets just put this at that. If you don't know what i ment they your probably a minor and I advise you to LEARN IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! yeah i'm a bad influence. so what hehehe

example: To Love-Ru


|*| Harem

- Well, it ment that the main character in the anime is somewhat involved in a group of the opposite sex.

|*| Seinen and Josei

- Ok so Seinen is for young Male adults that are above 20 years old i think and Josei is for young Female adults that are also above 20 in short just started working =) meaning the anime/s in this genre are really focused on the story and less action.


|*| Lolicon and Shotacon

- Best example K-On!... what you don't thing K-On! is was made for young boys? well alot of us males like it. anyway, Lolicon attracts young girls and Shotacon for young boys ALL THINGS KAWAII CAN BE FOUND IN THESE 2 GENRES.

|*| Shoujo and Shounen

- Have you ever seen animes with focused on alot of fighting and focused on sports?? well that my friend is an anime found in the SHounen Genre which means for Male entertainment. On the other hand, Shoujo goes with drama and romance which really appeals to females. But alot of awesome males watch shoujo anime LIKE ME!! yey =)


|*| Shoujo Ai and Shounen Ai (Yuri and Yaoi)

- Shoujo Ai (Yuri) = Lesbian            Shounen Ai (Yaoi) = Gay           [good enough?]


|*|  Slice of Life

- I know this should be at the Common Genre Section But i like it so i wanna talk about it. Ok Slice of life apparently is about our lives, The good thing about this genre is that you can really relate to what you are watching or reading. Otaku/s such as myself are really touched and amazed knowing that we can imitate Our beloved anime in our daily lives. THE BEST WORKS  IN THE SLICE OF LIFE SECTIONS ARE MADE BY MAKOTO SHINKAI

--> 5 Centimeters per second by Makoto Shinkai is an anime Film in the Slice of Life Genre.


UHm am i missing any genre? If I am let me know.. SO thanks for viewing this blog. its not about me but its what i do know about what i love.  see what i did there? I combined to Genres in one explination... its much less effort that way, hehe so thank you again i made reviews on other animes if you want to check that out =)


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