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Demon King Daimao

Aug 30, 2012

ok so I admit this is my kind of story. a litlte mocking stariotype  a little toremtning f our main charactor with misunderstanding and situations.  most reviewers either don't lke it or give it an ok rating of about average. I give it a little mroe because my system is more how likly I am to buy and watch agian so its a bit hard to rank high but if it is there is something there worth checking out atleast. ya the story is a bit clapdash at times and could stand to be sproosed up for plot and the charactors are par for the course but they made me laugh and felt familure so I rank it that little bit higher. for that reason. 

the music was enjoyable and the way things turned form playful to series on the drop of a hat but still believable like these are people that just want to have fun but still have agendas to work on as well added some depth to the charactors they weren't your classic cut outs more like the stario types were masks put up for the sake of others. but sadly my favorite charactor was the survalence unit. the ignorant inosents and yet cleaver torment and cock tease leaving you wondering if she doesn't want some action on the side. but unsure how to get some. ok so she might just be a plant but still what would you do if you wanted to hold up yoru honor in such uncomfortable situations.  the classic quiet girl and the wierd chick ya thats the one I would go for in this group and this one comes with an off switch. can't go wrong with that. 

if you want a real review and not my own rambalings read the others  if you want my thoughts well you read them. oh and lest we forget the hero. I am to weak oh I ahve a tech suit that makes me hero esk  ya that worked out well. ah well this anime will ahve a special place in my collection right next to the other semi exposed guilty pleasures I own or want to own. like pani poni dash. far form good but still I found it quite funny. 

8/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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