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ToastyGrim Apr 11, 2013

Whaaaaat? How can anyone not like Hetalia? It's so great! I never have anyone to talk to about it because none of my friends like anime in general. As a fangirl, I can't NOT like Hetalia. I own the entire series that's been released so far.

EdxWinryforeva Apr 11, 2013

Okay, I will...when I get time...too much other anime I gotta watch

EdxWinryforeva Apr 11, 2013

-_- I should of known it was you, just from the Hetalia stuff. Heey

ToastyGrim Apr 10, 2013

*sigh* Sometimes it's hard being a yaoi fan, always being ridiculed by outsiders. Some people just don't understand the world of a fangirl.

ToastyGrim Apr 10, 2013

Oh goodness, I would've given you a high five! There are creepy perverts, and there are cool ones. I think we're in the cool category. 

One time my mom found my hardcore yaoi stash... I could've died. She told my grandma about it, too. xD