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so i am an 20 now!! :O living in canada. so i just finished first year uni so i'm off till Sept. ok well since i finally got the time thought i;d fill this in :D don't really know what to write so..... my life story:


watched tv, saw some shows, thought they were cartoons, googled them, oh wow anime whats that. :p and that;s how i started anime. i think naruto was probably one of the first i saw which is probably why i'm still watching shippuuden even though it sucks. i did watch all those other shows that everyone started with too like, pokemon :o bayblade, sailor moon, and shutf. other shows i watched on tv without knowing it was anime was one piece, zatch bell, you know those shows on friday and on like fox tv. :S

not into one genre more like if the story is good i'll watch it. i like comdey but also the seroius types too. both mixed in is a bonus.

so summer is ending and it sucked cause i had work and summer school. it made life hectic but when i go back to school it won't be as much. anime has really become something i watch when i have nothing to do and nothing good is on tv.

ok lets see.... oh ya my avatar is hidan from naruto. cause he belives in the religion jashin. and it's pronounced the same way as my name just not splet the same. so i think that;s cool and like to call myself a god :D

and yup thats it is you wanna know more comment. and yes i like to make friends so i'll talk to anyone whos willing to talkt to me. ok bye =D

might update more soon

i ied i won't update ever so this is really old but meh too lazy to fix it :)

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Minai99 says...

mrmrm. :)

Aug 22, 2011
Grimmy101 says...

Ahaha! When I first got into the series, my friend was thinking the same about Rin and Gray, and I had to explain the differences xD

Oh,I have yet to watch Fairy Tail. I started with the manga but then I got side track on other anime. I wanted to wait until more chapters came out. Ekk! Nurarihyon no Mago has me hooked. I have no idea why. Maybe the animation,  or the characters, or probably the guys~ Yep, that must be it! Just kidding! Or am I! o-o It's a mystery~


Ahh! Yes my name is Celeste, but please call me Cj ^o^ I'm one of those people who does not like their name. Reason why? Because people usually think I'm an angel because of it. >.<

:D You lucky butt! Your name is awesome! (Bows) I am not worthy to be in your presence for that reason! xD

Pft. I know that feeling! Boys are too fun not to hang out with them! My friends who are girls are always too preppy and girly >.< I love them, but their frills and stuff is overboard x.x They actually had me dress up like barbie once..That was the day I lost my dignity v.v Have yet to get it back ;-;

Gasp! 2PM is a Japanese boy singing group. They sing well, as well as 2NE1 :D Both are my favorite singing group ^-^

Ahaha! Don't worry I stalked yours to! Your from Canada? Again lucky! I have always wanted to go to Canada -- heard it was beautiful! Also the way you found out anime was the same for me! I never knew until I looked it up and then found a whole new world~


Oh my Jashin! No way! I will now start saying that as my catch phase! xD



Aug 18, 2011
Minai99 says...

Glad to hear from you! :D  I'm looking forward to talking again, jashan. I've been taking time off myself, but if you let me know when you're on, I'll definitely come, unless I have a previous commitment. Just lemme know when you'll be in ourroom. Until then, good luck on your exam. :)

Aug 16, 2011
Grimmy101 says...

It does make him look adorable! Though I can't help but giggle when I see it because he is suppose to be all tough and all that, but the way he is smiling is sooo glompable (is that a word?). xD

Oh? My avatar is Okumura Rin from Ao no/Blue Exorcist. :D

Who were the two you were thinking it way? If one was Gray from Fairy Tail then I don't blame you. They do look alike! o-o

It's nice to meet you to! :o


Aug 16, 2011
Grimmy101 says...

AHHHHHH! I love your avatar ^o^

It's soooo kawaii!!

Hidan is so awesome ^-^


Aug 14, 2011