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so i am an 20 now!! :O living in canada. so i just finished first year uni so i'm off till Sept. ok well since i finally got the time thought i;d fill this in :D don't really know what to write so..... my life story:


watched tv, saw some shows, thought they were cartoons, googled them, oh wow anime whats that. :p and that;s how i started anime. i think naruto was probably one of the first i saw which is probably why i'm still watching shippuuden even though it sucks. i did watch all those other shows that everyone started with too like, pokemon :o bayblade, sailor moon, and shutf. other shows i watched on tv without knowing it was anime was one piece, zatch bell, you know those shows on friday and on like fox tv. :S

not into one genre more like if the story is good i'll watch it. i like comdey but also the seroius types too. both mixed in is a bonus.

so summer is ending and it sucked cause i had work and summer school. it made life hectic but when i go back to school it won't be as much. anime has really become something i watch when i have nothing to do and nothing good is on tv.

ok lets see.... oh ya my avatar is hidan from naruto. cause he belives in the religion jashin. and it's pronounced the same way as my name just not splet the same. so i think that;s cool and like to call myself a god :D

and yup thats it is you wanna know more comment. and yes i like to make friends so i'll talk to anyone whos willing to talkt to me. ok bye =D

might update more soon

i ied i won't update ever so this is really old but meh too lazy to fix it :)

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ukato says...

Hey Jashan, haha thanks so much for reading through all my blabble ^.^

Hope you found some useful sites thought :)

Wow you've only started downloading anime recently but you've already massed 100GBs!! Awesome! XD How fast is your internet speeds when downloading, and do you have data caps in your country? Over here where i live i have a cap of 40GBs a month and it only goes at about 300-600kbs if lucky :\

Thus my 1.6TBs have been collected over like... years, lol.

And yeah, i feel proud everytime i look at my anime collection too, ahhaha otaku arent we XD

Thanks for the link, i'll give that site a swing ^.^ Gotta make an account on it first though :)


Feb 20, 2011
shishipshiyo says...

Hi, thanks for the welcome! I'm Kiah btw.. added you as a friend now. :)

Feb 17, 2011
MasterPiece says...

Well I was looking online cuse I want to tryout for basketball overseas

and just decided to go on anime planet

I'm watching Code Geass Card Captor Sakura


Feb 11, 2011
MasterPiece says...

hey my name is cody it's nice to meet

Feb 11, 2011