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My name is James I live in England. I love lots of diffrent kinds of Anime, so I can't decide on a specific favourite, I like classics like pokemon, series I have enjoyed include: negima, ghost hunt, spice and wolf, it goes on! I also love all the Mmiyazaki films too. About me? well i love cats! and I love talking to my penpals across the world, I also enjoy reading Manga novels. PS: I would love to make friends who also love anime! 

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NimirRa Jun 23, 2012

Hi James. Welcome to A-P~  :)

Tsukiumi Jun 21, 2012

ya kinda but its nagato yuki from the melencholy of haruhi suzumiya

Thanks for the complement!

now i must know your favorite kind of cake! or pie! that way i know whether or not i will get along with you. trust me its important. if you say a sertin kind i wont ever respond!?OoO

DivineMyst Jun 20, 2012

Hi! Welcome to Anime Planet c; (Also New xD)

P.s Love Spice and Wolf<3 It was the 3rd anime I watched and loved ^^

SinTheory Jun 20, 2012

Welcome to Anime Planet!!!!!!!