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Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!


This anime was pretty good. I thought how she kept trying to keep her secret from those at school so funny; especially when they kept just showing up at the 'wrong' moment.

I really liked Usui... I just wish that I knew more about him. The anime does not give up much. I think that it is a possibility that his mother left just like Misaki's father left (well not exactly just like). Who knows.

Maybe they will update the series soon with another season. This season was release 2010 after all... It could be a possibility (or just wishful thinking).


SickFairy101 avatar SickFairy101
Oct 21, 2011

Similar thinking there ^_^

Couldn't agree you more regarding Usui. There weren't much info on him in anime, but given his apartment, I imagine it's kinda like Taiga in Toradora, where his family is filthy rich, but he chooses to live by himself due to certain circumstances.

P.S. I think there will probably be a next season, given the fact, that these series proved it's popularity and the mangas are still coming out. Many animes have years between seasons because of the dvd realeses and specials they put into them. Just hold youre fingers, and if you can't, there still is the manga. (-_-)b

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