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Anohana was an absolute masterpiece. From the first episode I saw the potential in this anime and exceeded everything I could ask for in a 11~14 ep series. This anime is the greatest anime of Spring 2011. The story was kept clean and went smoothly all through the series. I was moved completely by the story.

Coping with death or loss of a friend is harsh. I had lost friends and family to fate. I know the pain they feel. It is absolutely not easy to deal with. You will always remember how much fun you had with the person or just remembering simple memories like getting that daily morning greeting and then all of the sudden it’s gone. People deal with things different. This story demonstrated that. Everyone had their own way of coping with the loss.

This anime is original. That for the most part is what I like. Sure, I’ll watch a cliché series once in a while but some themes and stories get dull. Themes about people do not get dull fast. Remember what your overzealous English teacher used to do? Like make you read books to study human nature and emotions? You know why they selected those kinds of books? Because it is something people can relate to and sympathize with.

Every character within AnoHana has each individual perspective and experience. The characters are not shallow and have a great deal of depth to them. The story contained worldly reactions to events. What I liked about it, is how it demonstrated that most people are naturally selfish. Menma wasn't like that. She was always giving unconditional love to all those around her. And because of that, the paradox of love kicks in, and she in turn received love.

When Menma died, no one knew how to cope and reach took their own path gradually drifted apart from each other. This is realistic. Naturally, they want to avoid the problem but they can't. They become trapped in it. Self peace is not completely possible. It will haunt you as it did for most of the characters. Popo works hard because he couldn't do anything to save Menma. Jinta doesn't do anything because he believes it was his fault for overreacting. Anjou tries to look attractive because she couldn't get Jinta to like her. Tsurmi tries to keep her emotions closed. Matsuyuki became obsessed with Menma. All of them feel guilty although it isn't anyone's fault; it is a natural reaction to it.

The story also showed how people change; Innocence to adolescence to the beginning of adulthood. Each character is shown to grow over time and deal with reality and the hardships one must endure. Each one must find self peace with themselves to fully move on.

The plot has a nice feeling to it. It always has a way to catch the viewer’s attention while moving the plot forward. Overall, this anime was one of the best I seen. I highly recommend watching this anime.


?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
10/10 overall

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LilMayar Jun 24, 2011

great review!