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I thought that it would be fitting to change up my bio a bit, considering that my bio was based off of my 2010 interest an such.

My new bio will contain info on 2010 anime & manga, but will now also include new fav's of 2011. Of course the 2011 list WILL be updated on a monthly basis, considering its only Febuary still, and there is still another 10 months of new anime/manga to show up =] So lets begin.

For those of you who dont know me, my name is Matthew Pena. I turned 18 on September of 2010.

My hobbies include, listening to celtic music and soundtracks, sketching, monochrome photography, piano, Techno/trance, anime & manga, paintballing, day dreaming for hours at a time, watching clouds, and duck taping my body parts =D. Since this is an anime sight you are probably more interested in my anime/manga hobbies xD So below you will fin a list of my top 5 anime & manga, their genres, and why i rate them.

~2010 Top 5 Anime~

#5) Working!!:

Genre: Slice of Life; Comedy; Light Romance; Slapstick;

Overview: Id give this anime a total of 9.5/10. This anime series is a half season anime show of 13 episodes.  This anime revolves around the main characters Takanashi, Taneshima, and Inami. The setting is set in a resturaunt called Wagnaria.

The character types are not anything special. Their characteristics can be found in many other anime, but I thought that Working!! played out their character types very well. A migit loli highschool girl who wants to be tall and sexy. A highschool boy who hates old things and only likes small and cute things. And a quiet girl who is super strong and has androphobia. The characters for the most part were not rushed, and had a significant amount of background info for them. Though there was one character that i remember just popped out of no where, and i was confused, but that might be because i missed an episode or i just dont remember xD

The opening and ending soundtrack are honestly my FAVOURITE out of all the other anime out there. I thought that the OP and ED where super cute and very catchy, I even added it to my Ipod.

The animation was decent, though not the best ive seen. Character hairstyles and such were pretty cliche, save for Poplar who has really cute hair =].  All in all though the animation was nothing outstanding.



#4) Baka to test to shoukanjuu:

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Romance; School; Slapstick: Eechi

Overview: I give this anime a total of 9.6/10. This anime, being one of the funniest anime i have seen in a while. This half season, 13 episode anime revolves around a boy named Yoshii and the rest of his class. What i liked about this anime is that it had an interesting way of looking at school. In this anime, the school that Yoshii attendeds too has the "Rewards by Workds" rule. As in, those who get A+ as a grade get high tech computers in their classrooms, big screen TV's and personal chefs. While thos who get F's are stuck with cardboard desk, dusty mats, and a VERY dirty classroom. And if the class is not satisfied with their classroom, they are allowed to challenge a class above them for their class room using their personal Virtual Reality beings to fight. The Virtual Reality beings strength and power is based off of their owners grades.

So the story is basically about Yoshii and his class trying to prove to the school that grades are not everything in the world by taking class F and trying to beat class A and take their classroom.

The animation was nothing amazing but it was fitting for the anime. Nothing outstanding though.

The soundtrack too was also nothing to fret about. the music was suitable but nothing memorable.

I bet your wondering why i rated this anime so high then? The reason why is because almost every episode had me laughing like crazy. I loved the characters and their personalities.  And i loved the story itself and the way it played out.


#3) Great Teacher Onizuka a.k.a GTO:

Genre: Eechi; Comedy; Slice of Life; Teacher; School; Drama

Overview: I give this anime a 9.9/10. This anime is apprx 2 seasons, being 43 episodes long. This anime made me sad, made me happy, and made me laugh my skin off. The story revolves around a Man named Eikichi Onizuka, who is 22 years old. Onizuka used to be a gang member, but he seeks to change his life by pursuing a new career as a teacher. But he is faced with challenges when the first real class he teaches at turns to be the most problematic class in the entire district. The story goes about how Onizuka, being the gangster that he is, tries to win the hearts of each student. This anime is one of the most touching anime I have seen, and is what actually led me to pursue a career as a teacher. I highly recommend this anime

As far as the animation goes, you have to realize that this anime was made in 1997, so the animation isnt top notch, but it is still pretty good considering the time period it was made in.

To be honest, the anime didnt revolve around music so much. There is music in this anime, but non of the music is anything special.

If i were to suggest anything, I would suggest that the author of this anime make a prequel, telling the life of Onizuka when he was a gangmember. =] I would really enjoy that.


#2) Angel Beats:

Genre: Fantasy; Action; Romance; Comedy; Drama; Tragedy;

Overview: Id give this this anime a total of 10/10. Angel Beats was the only anime that I have seen during 2010 that made me cry tears of sorrow. It is a master piece that would be wasted on my words. This anime revolves around the main characters Otonashi, Yuri, and Kanade.

WARNING! EPISODE 1 SPOILER! PLEASE SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH TO AVOID POSIBLE EPISODE 1 SPOILER. The story takes place in pergatory-type setting. The main character Otonashi finds himself in a school yard in the middle of the night. He is then greeted by the beautiful Yuri, who is holding a sniper rifle. She then proceeds to tell him that he is dead, and that he should join her group called the SSS, whos sole purpose is to fight God.

The animation was very well done in my opinion. Very beautifully made. Of course you see generic hair-do's and facial constructions every now and then, ut i think that is to be expected of most anime.

The sound track was very well made. The OP was a piano/Vocal that was very captivating. The soundtrack througout the anime was also very well made. The ending is one of my favourite vocal's. Angel Beats is actually the anime that got me into playing Piano again. =]

If i were to have any qualms about this anime, it would be that I wished i would have gotten to know some characters and their story a bit better. Also, Angel Beats is a very confusing confusing anime if you dont pay attention. There were several times were I needed to go online to varify information that i missed on the anime. But like i said before, this is a very good anime, and is one of the only anime I have seen that was able to be a "serious" anime but still be hella funny.

Pesonally, I thought that this anime was fine as a half season, 13 episodes, but I think that it would have been better, and felt not as rushed if they actually made it a full season of 20-26 episodes.



#1) Mitsudomoe

Genre: COMEDY; Slice of Life; School; Eechi

Overview: This is my number 1 because EVERY episode that i have seen was funny as hell! there wasnt a single episode that did not make me laugh. I remember I would stay up ALL night waiting for the next episode just to come out. I have seen the first season a total of 5 times already and still love it. I give this anime a 11/10.

The story revolves around three triplet girls from the Marui family who are NOTHING like each other. Mitsuba, the eldest, is a blonde who gluttonous and sadistic. Futaba, the middle, is brown haired, really strong, niave, and perverted. And Hitoha, who is quiet, sccary, likes to read porn, and everyone thinks she is possesed xD

There is no real story line for this anime series at all. This anime mainly revolves around the concept of misunderstandings.So every episode is different.=]

The animation is quiet different than what people are normally used to. It is actually quite refreshing. The animation style used kinda gives everyone a "kidish" feel, wich I find very suitable, considering that the story revolves around Japanese 6th graders.

The music was very good also. The opening for season 1 of Mitsudomoe is one of my favourite openings. Though, to me, not as good as Working!! OP, but really close =]

I highly suggest this anime to anyone who is just looking for straight up comedy with no romance =].


Please note that my 2011 list of anime will be posted closer towards Dec.

My manga list will be posted later. It took me 2 hours to write all this, so Im tired now xD I will continue my listings when i get back form vacation.




About my least favourite genres. I absolutly HATE gay anime, literally. I cant stand two guys kissing or anything. I like shojo-ai anime though. For some reason its not as creepy when its lesbiens. its actually kinda funny xD and it actually seems romantic.

Also, as far as magical girl anime goes...i have never ever found a magical girl anime that was able to peak my interest or anything. I am open to suggestions though if you guys have any. Im always looking for new "good" anime to watch. So if you have found a good magical girl anime out there, then let me know.

As far as horror goes...i guess its not that i dont like it. Its just that im a major scardy cat. To be honest i like anime like Shiki, Monster, Blood+. and Gakuen Mokushiroku wich are all considered Horror anime.


So yeah =] i love anime and manga, but im not one of those "Die hard fans" that memorizes how many episodes there are and what episodes contain what and what hight each character is or what their facourite food is. LAWL


Also Normaly I don't think that pink haired anime girls are attractive, but I just started watching a new anime called Shiki. Its a horror/fantasy/vampire anime. But there is a supporting character named Megumi. I thought that she was very hot xD hahaha only when she is a vampire though.

But none the less i am a die hard Mizore Shirayuki fan. I think that she is the most attractive female anime character =]



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Azndragon Dec 23, 2010


Your #2 anime is Time of Eve, I didn't really understand that anime. Could you help me understand it by explaining to me please :D