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I'm a 17 year old dentistry student who plans to make a lot of money someday. Meanwhile, I indulge myself in anime and greek mythology as I wonder why the heck I took up my course.

i like wolf and tmof because they are leaders of the coffee cult

i love anime, coffee, onion and coke in that particular order

i love my pets

i hate conceited people

i'd love to have photographic memory

i'm an insomniac

i'm caffeine-dependent

i almost never cry

i have a slight contempt for authority

i'm obsessed with twilight

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4EverDreamer says...

OMG, your icon is the greatest! Sad but true

Feb 6, 2011
wolfangel87 says...


Nov 4, 2010
Mattlore says...

Greetings! I just happened across your profile through my lurking and thought I would comment and say Hi!

Also wanted to say that a dentistry student who loves coke and coffee (The bane of teeth!) is certainly ironic ahaha!


Jul 8, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

Hi honey!!!!  How have you been?

You seem to be really busy, how is school going?

Mar 14, 2010
TakuraX says...

Nice avatar!  Gave me a much needed laugh.

Nov 19, 2009