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hey i am 18 years old and I have watched anime since i was 13 (other than animes i watched as a kid like- Dragon ball, yugioh etc.) and have watched a conideralble amount of animes, and rewached my favorites a lot of times. I love anime and I would be more than happy to here any recomendations. 

my favorite genres right now-Sport, Shounen, Horror, Supernatruel, Action, Sci-fi, Adventure. 

my favorite anime- hard one Naruto, OP or FMA 

favorite manga-OP (one piece) 

Leave a comment if you want me to recomend a anime, or discuss anything about anime I have been on AP for 2 years this i just my second profile :). 

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lindapearl avatar lindapearl

Nice Avatar!

Jul 10, 2014

I like your avatar.

theSentinel avatar theSentinel


Jul 4, 2014

OH!! I didnt expect someone to post on my wall.  Yeah, I stalled Bleach but I still want to finish it.  Also, I have been seeing a lot of good One Piece amvs lately and Its making me want to get into it.  Its just that one piece bleach and naruto are all really long, its a huge investment with regard to time lol, but thank you for the rec.  I will absolutely get into it.Another and Higarashi When they Cry were both scary as hell and totally awesome.  Truly fantastic.  Ill check out monster too!

Fangwolf4 avatar Fangwolf4


Jun 13, 2014

there changed my review a bit check it out

default avatar darkjdp


Jun 12, 2014

Hi, thanks for your comment. I've heard of both one piece and Hunter X Hunter but at the moment I just don't have time to watch them.

VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen


Jun 12, 2014

Hi isak0044, I recommend Ping Pong The Animation. It probably will turn out to be the best show this season. Animation style is innovative and the character development is nuanced. Its brilliance will probably go unacknowledged by the masses, but that's usually the case with Masaaki Yuasa (Tatami Galaxy, Mind Game, Kaiba) works.

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