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3rd April 2011 - Begginings


Basically, i've never written a blog before. Well a proper one. I'll just talk about anime.

Currently, i am watching "Special A". Oh, by the way, i watch only one anime series at a time, i never watch more, as i like to concentrate on it. The only exception being Pokémon Best Wishes, i have spare time for that.

Back to Special A.. when i first saw the opening scene, i thought "Oh crap, this is going to be a heavily based martial arts anime isn't it...". I say this because i just tend to watch anime depending on what genre it is and i dont read reviews or synopsises before, if it has Comedy, Echii, Romance or a Love Triangle/Polygon etc. I will be watching it.

I was wrong though, im about to watch the 23rd episode and i'm pleasantly enjoying it, it makes me laugh, just at the sheer stupidness of some of the characters, and it does have the odd heartwarming scene, every episode, where the visual colours change to warmish blotches of pink, yellow, orange and so on. I think it's a good way of showing the situations emotion, it makes me smile.

I admit, im not good with writing skills, but i doubt anyone will be reading this. I guess it could be a good reference though.



Sayonara :)

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