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Konnichiwa, welcome on my profile!

My name's Jana and I'm 15 yo girl with
obsession with anime from Czech Republic.  I'm new in this world, but I already love it so much:3  My first anime I've ever seen was Guilty Crown.

Except of watching anime,  I like to play League of Legends or just chillin with my friends.   Also I love to make new friends,  so if you wanna talk about anything,  I'm here for you, just leave coment below:) 

Just check out my anime list,  and if you want,  you can leave a comment or follow me (i follow back),  I'll be only happy:)


Couple of my fav animes

nagi no asukara wallpaper - Hledat GooglemShinsekai yori on tumblr41b3e3688bfd31ec1a59225783f78eee d6mzs4ntumblr n4901c JUb A1r2uwqco1 500a43cfe8027 86753161 o2tzhtzhtzh


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InnocentKiller says...

Hi Jana ^^ thanks for following. Such a beautiful profile!!! Wow.... Neko land too XD

Sep 5, 2014
Abdslam says...

Thank you so much ... and thatnks for following .. I like ur profile as well ^^

Aug 30, 2014
Sianeka says...

*grinning* I still don't quite get why a nickname like "imprisoned" called to you, but ... for whatever reason, it did at the time, right? 

(I have different nicknames for different occasions. It makes things helpful to have one ready for a given situation. For example, I am always "Sid" when giving my name at restaurants while waiting for a table or when giving a food order.  "Sid" is easy to understand, and to hear when it is being called out.  "Table for Sid."  "Order up: Sid!"  no need to have to spell it out or say it over and over usually for the waitperson to understand...  although some people do want a spelling verification cause they want to spell it Cyd, which would be fine with me.  Whatever works. *grin*)

Happy you are enjoying AoT. I have a friend who refuses to watch it after having seen the violence of the Titans in the first episode. He's still shaken up after having seen Eren's mother chomped...   I'm looking forward to Levi's story, coming out soon...

Aug 28, 2014
Sianeka says...

I see you are currently watching AoT now - what do you think of it so far? (If you are like me, you won't get the full impact of the series until AFTER you finish watching it.)

BTW, why did you choose a nickname like imprisoned? You seem a happy and lively person, and imprisoned just has the opposite connotations associated with it...

Aug 27, 2014
vamppulse says...

Love your avatar and profile, uber cute :3

Aug 25, 2014