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Well, I suppose I ought to update this now.  I'm 26 and I make things out of clay.  Stuff like cups and alien heads.  I like reading and watching TV.  I recently bought Genshiken season 1.  I have three cats...  They're neat.  I can't really think of much else to say right now.  So yeah.

Reading: The Walking Dead, Gantz, Locke & Key, 7 Seeds

Watching: Game of Thrones, Bates Motel, Hannibal, looking forward to Dexter....

Listening: My man play BF3...  Lots of gunfire and cussing. 

Thinking: I am so done living for other people.

Current Void in Life:  A kick ass RPG.  And a decent horror anime. 

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tasanime Oct 3, 2007

Great avatar by the way.

Lolo Sep 15, 2007

Special Birthday lyrics for you (yes I am one sick b*tch)

One more year closer to dyin

Body organs ripping, frying

Biological discordance

Birthday equals self-abhorance

R S V P Please

For the death of me

You have little time

You're running out of life

Happy Birthday. You're gonna die!

Dethklok - Birthday Dethday 

Love - the marvelous captain lolo 

Lolo Sep 13, 2007

SWEET 21st birthday rox! EWWWWW Jagermeister... but hey whateva gets ya drunk ;)  I love Green Day as well good stuff.

I'm ahead, I'm a man

I'm the first mammal to wear pants, yeah

I'm at peace with my lust

I can kill 'cause in God I trust, yeah

It's evolution, baby

Pearl Jam- Do The Evolution 

Lolo Sep 10, 2007

They're sayin' I'm in trouble with the government,

I'm lovin' it, I shoveled shit all my life,

And now I'm dumping it on...


I like Eminem...what can I say :) So how was your weekend my dear? I hung out with my dear friend Reggie this weekend and played some Mario party and watched movies. Not too exciting XD 

Lolo Sep 4, 2007

Crazy, but thats how it goes

Millions of people living as foes

Maybe its not to late

To learn how to love

And forget how to hate

Mental wounds not healing

Lifes a bitter shame

Im going off the rails on a crazy train

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

I moved out when I was 17 but I did because I was pregnat :) I got my GED when I was 19 and I have not been to a lot of concerts but I would like to ...back in the day I was more into the rave scene :) Techno music and mind blowing drugs...maybe thats why I'm so crazy...I really dig live music but I mostly just go watch local bands cause I is always so broke... my best friend got to go to the tool concert this year i was so jealous