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dunno what you're doin here. ah well, movin on.

First to clear something up, if I dropped an anime it doesn't mean I hated it. though it often does. But even more often, I get distracted by the original manga and go read that. Then when I try and return to the anime, it no longer intrests me.

Next, I read a hell of a lot more manga than I watch anime. There are many manga I've enjoyed without watching the anime counter-part, but the reverse is not usually true. The common exception would be anime that originated as anime. I generally prefer whichever came first, though I will often watch/read both. If it originated as a video game, then I might or might not play the game. If it was a visual novel, I play it if I can find a translation.

I might or might not list the manga I've read, because I already listed just about all of them on mangaupdates.com and it would be a pain to relist it here. I'm using this site mostly for record keeping. Might or might not write some reviews eventually.

still don't know why you're here, but you can leave now. if you haven't already.

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bloodyjuggulo avatar bloodyjuggulo

You Rock!

Sep 5, 2010

you need tooth-paste

bloodyjuggulo avatar bloodyjuggulo


Sep 4, 2010

blob fish is stareing into your soul.

HikaruTenshi avatar HikaruTenshi


Apr 28, 2010

To Anime-Planet. ^_^


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