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I am the kind of person that tries to get everything that my life can offer. I don't like wasting time and always try to live every single second to the full. I love to keep myself active... I hate standing there and doing nothing. I enjoy very much traveling. Sometimes people judge me as crazy or not normal because I hate routine and try to shake things up a little bit... you know.. some kind of 'deviant' they say. I hate being in the middle of a crowd. I hate arrogant people and liars! I love nature, sunsets & sunrises, music/musicians :P, theater, castles, Art (mostly Gothic/Renaissance art), and obviously.. I love ANIME ^^

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July 26, 2007

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September 3, 2007

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OneiChan avatar OneiChan


Aug 22, 2007

I just love FMA too <3 It is actually in my number 1 spot but that is mostly because it is the first anime that I watched from start to finish. 

You have seen some really great anime! You should come back over and use the 5 star rating to rate what you have seen. It's really helpful for people wanting to know what others think of a show. Hope to see you back at anime-planet soon!  

tetra avatar tetra


Jul 26, 2007

Hi and welcome to anime-planet!

I hope you will find us nice and friendly and find lost of good anime to watch! 

If you have not seen it yet I think you might like Witch Hunter Robin, its gothic, supernatural and really good

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