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Feb 5, 2013


I recently watched Sword Art Online and LOVED the anime so much that I wanted to find more animes like it. I didn't like .hack // sign at first, but I thought I would try to give it some time and maybe it would grow on me ( I love to play mmo's and am a big gamer). It didn't sadly. I watched the whole series and found myself saying SEVERAL times how did this character get to this location?? There was little explanation for certain points aswell as the ending. (the other series DO NOT continue the story).

I like love stories and this ones was not so good... (lack of creativity from the authors)

This series is not worth watching and if you loved SAO watch BTOOOM!. Or scryed, berserk, gungrave, Gurren Lagann, anything but this series.... ( I fell asleep several times due to the lack of entertainment from this show)

I'm still on the hunt for more anime like Sword Art Online...

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Brwa Jul 7, 2013

Totally agree. I was dozing off several times and I just decided to drop it instead of trying to survive till the end.

OT: SAO was awesome!

Natsuru Mar 9, 2013

The same thing happened to me :D But I stopped .hack//SIGN right after the first episode and now I am watching Accel World.