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Not much to do, not much to say. I am me.

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ukato Sep 15, 2009

Hey, im back!

Ive had exams for the last 2 weeks so i hadnt had time to come on.

How's life been?

I see u havent been on here for a while either - exams too?

Well whatever it is, good luck!

Cya later (hopefully ^^)

ukato Jul 23, 2009

Hey again~

Yeah, i hate mornings - im a night owl myself, lol.

Nah, i dont cosplay, one the anime community over here in New Zealand is like non-existant and too, i cant sew either (never learned, and plus - dont mean to be sexist - im a guy so i never intended to learn how to... =p)          (btw, just to confirm, you're a girl right (soz if i got it wrong!! X(

Well, ttyl~!!!

ukato Jul 23, 2009

Hey wow! What a fast reply, lol~

Damn, sorry to hear about your internet.... Actually a friend of mines just got his internet back too after his brother (who was paying for the internet) left their house and so took the money with him =(

Oh! You're at a working age! Thats pretty cool, although i had first thought you were about my age (17) and in college/university. (or did u mean parttime job?)

Yeah! Many new favourites!:

Princess Lover! (rom com harem ecchi)

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou (feelgood, cute, magic in the modern computer world thing, with a cute ditzy female lead)

Needless (epicness and comedy like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan)

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! (funny ecchi)

Oh and second seaon of Hayate no Gotoku, but that doesnt really count as new...

Have you heard of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan??? It is seriously one of the funniest anime i have ever seen in my life!!! XD I highly recommend you watch it sometime in the future when u got spare time (only 4 eps long, so wont take long, but it WILL leave you in stitches for a long time =D)

Well, ttyl~

Oh! and tell me what happened to your internet (if you've got time ^^)

Peace out~          d(^^)b

ukato Jul 23, 2009

Hey, havent talked to you in ages~!!

How are you doing? Hope all's well with you ^^

Watching any of the 20 new series out this season?? XD


ukato May 18, 2009

Hey again~

Sweet, you've got your anime list thingy all sorted now aye?

Well, id love to talk more but, darn it, got exams next week T.T so i gtg study

Talk to you in a weeks time?? (if im dedicated to my studies, then yeah, otherwise it will be sooner than that, lol XD)

Well, wish me luck ^^


- ukato