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Ghost Hound

Sep 13, 2013


Ghost Hound is one of the shows that is mildly entertaining, but never really captivates you. The story is semi-interesting, but really leaves something to be desired. Essentially, the story was never fully explained and it takes away from the quality of the story as a whole. I can say there was real potential here, it just never follows through. As the story progresses it also kinda casts aside the horror elements and it turns into more of a drama/mystery. The plot for the show is definantely watchable though. On another note, this shows deals a lot with psychology, and how the brain works. In general I find this subject very interesting. So brownie points to the story for that.


I may be judging the animation a bit rough due to the fact I recently began watching Attack on Titan, but regardless the animation doesnt seem like anything special at all. Once again, its just enough to keep you mildly interested in the story. Think of eating a SubWay sandwhich with no condiments. Sure, it still tastes good, but you know it could be so much better.


The intro/Outro are nice additions to the show. But aside from that its pretty much garbage. The dubs are completly mediocre. And furthermore the the rest of the soundtrack blows more than a Thai hooker on a busy weekend.


I'll be completly blunt... Characters in this show are about as entertaining as counting calories. There is a complete lack of substance to every character in the show. I wont go into details, but really there isnt much character development at all. Overall the characters were by far the shows weak point, and thats a very note worthy downside.


Ghost Hound was about as average as it gets, honestly. Nothing special at all. Though it could be a lot worse. Would I recommend Ghost Hound? No, I would not. But to be fair, I wouldn't tell anyone not to watch it either. As I've mentioned before, its just simply mediocre. 

6/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.8/10 overall

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