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May 30, 2013

Warning - Contains Spoilers

Fooly Cooly a coming of age tale where nothing unusual ever happens...

at all... 


Once again I find myself on the weird side of anime, watching FLCL, also know as Fooly Cooly. Fooly Cooly is actually a very misleading title, if I had to rename it,  "What the fuck is going on?" would be a much more appropriate label. As far as the actual story goes; it's way to random to even discribe it. I actually just looked up at my display picture of smoking Spike, and I understand his pain entirely. It would appear as if he just finished Fooly Cooly as well. To put this all into perspective; I would have better luck trying to explain quantum physics to someone with Aspergers. Seriously. Anyways, I actually really liked the plot of the show, even if it was really random, it presents and unfolds itself in a very original and entertaining manner... And it's really random. To be blunt unless you have ADHD, or an IQ lower than 90 you might not like the show, but myself, I found it enjoyable.


The animation for this show was kick-ass. When your animating Manga scenes, or South Park style charcters, you've got my attention. The special effects were cool as well. What I think happened was one day at the office, the Director dropped Adderol in the animators coffee, and the result was Fooly Cooly. Brillantly original animation.


The soundtrack for Fooly Cooly is one of the best ever. It's no secret that the Japaneese band "The Pillows" are the main structure of the soundtrack, however I bet you didn't know that the pillows are almost as strange as the this show is. YouTube some of there videos; you can thank me later. To date, this is the only show ever that I have sat through the ending credits of. This is because the music is awesome. Even better than that though, is that the music greatly contributes to the show itself. It just fits perfect with the animation style and the characters themselves. The dubs for the show were also fairly well done, in case your wondering.


The cast for Fooly Cooly is very... strange. There randomness is genuinely funny though, which I can appreciate it. Haruko, who is definantly the center of attention, is a very original and interesting character. Who evidentally is an alien-rockstar-nurse-housemade-chimo... yeah it goes on and on. Meanwhile are other main character, Naota, reminded me a lot of a childhood friend I have. It was actually concerning how much they seemed a like. Back to what really matters though, the only reason I'm giving it a 7.5 out of 10 is because aside from those two, everyone else is completly forgetable. Except maybe the robot... You also don't really find out much about the cast either, but its not that big of a deal given the show doesn't really need back stories to drive it.


Fooly Cooly is very interesting, and somewhat entertaining. It's not amazing, and I feel it's a bit overhyped, but still worth a watch. 

Editors Note:

So I was just informed that evidentally the show is based on a Japaneese urban legend that if you have sex before your of age, you will grow a horn on your head for everyone to see your shame. This is where the name comes from as well, Fooly Cooly (fooling around). Just a fun fact for you.


7.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8.3/10 overall

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