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Mind Game

May 30, 2013

Warning - Contains Spoilers

Me after 10 Minutes of Mindgame...


You know what? I'm not even gonna bother trying to explain the story, instead i'll explain what I did for the 20 minutes following watching Mindgame.

1. Stare at blank screen for 5 minutes in complete silence

2. Open my piss-warm beer

3. Consume said beer

4. Light Ciggarette

5. Open another beer

6. Blame Mindgame for my sudden interest in alcohol

Seriously guys, if I filmed myself for an hour and a half, got high on acid, and played naked twisted with rabid badgers it would make more sense than this movie. How did this manage to get so much praise I have no idea. Heres basically what happens...

1.Guy loves girls

2.Guy gets shot in the asshole and dies (Literally)

3.Guy gets revived by god (who is a smoking fish/cheetah/bowling ball/etc.)

4.Guy kills the guy who just killed him

5.Guy runs from Yakuza with girl, and gets eaten by a whale

6.Guy lives in said whale for weeks with girl and 2 randoms

7. Guy gets out of whale, and the movie ends where it started

I couldn't make gold like this up... They even had the nerve to tell you "this story never ends". Fuck that. I hate open ended videos. way to kick me while im down, Mindgame.

While i'll say the story is interesting to a point, that has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. The only thing making this animation unique in the slightest is how ridiculously random it is. I'm truly trying to be as objective as possible, but the plot truly doesnt have a lot of substance to it. It's just bizzare.


Let's face it, the only reason your even watching this animation is because of the crazy animations. I gave it a generous 7.5, and that's only because of originality and uniqueness. The animation in general looks like it was taken from an autistic 3rd graders coloring book. Can I get a witness? Don't get me wrong the animation is cool, in a really, really weird way. But, that doesn't make it good by any means. I will give it props for having a badass car chase scene though.


to be fair, the soundtrack wasn't bad at all. But I can hardly remeber any of the music at all because the ridiculous animation completly distorts any effect the music would normally have.


The characters blew my mind in this show. We got guys running at 120 miles per hour: but thats no big deal. Im living inside of a whale: lets have a bondage rave party. God's a smoking fish thing? Seems normal. Like character interactions with the enviornment were baffling, and yes I do understand that given how bizzare the movie is it makes sense in a way. Still though, no matter what happened, it was just another average day for them. Not to mention the charcter development happens unbelievably fast. Like all the characters become completly different people in a matter of 3 minutes. Are main charcter is a badass all of the sudden with super human driving abilities and cognitive reasoning, meanwhile everyone else isn't even the slightest bit worried there car is driving sideways... or into an ocean. Keep in mind, they were just pissing themselves in the previous scene cause a guy had a gun. The characters were just ridiculous, honestly.


This film did have one positive note, it reminded me why I quit doing drugs. Seriously, I keep imagining those pictures with the eggs in the frying pan "this is your brain... this is your brain after watching Mindgame". The actual film itself is just strange, and is best served with tylenol and Jack Daniels. But I will give it credit for being unique. For whatever that's worth.


5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.8/10 overall

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